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 thursday: april 24th


so this week davey has done at least two new things….. the first was yesterday when he got to wear his little baby gap "converse" style shoes:

i found these navy ones and some black ones at a garage sale (preview) last weekend. they’re SO CUTE…. unfortunately, they’re a bit too small. so sad. they’re so darn cute on his feet… but at least now i know that he can’t wear a size 3!


and this morning, i had to go upstairs to get my computer and while i was up there i got a little bit distracted (for less than 5 minutes). and when i came back downstairs, this is what i saw: 

yep. that’s my little boy, SOUND ASLEEP while standing up in his exersaucer. after taking a moment to find my camera and take a few photos, i moved him to his crib where he took the rest of his morning nap!



4 thoughts on “new new new

  1. Oh my gosh, so cute. PS- enjoy that, it doesn’t happen so much when they are 3. Or 7. Or 12. :) He is just getting so adorable!

  2. Those shoes remind me of some our boys had, which I loved – same style, but they were a denim with a red and blue plaid tongue. They were faves. I’ll bet Davey doesn’t fall asleep like that very often…were you quite surprised? I have only a couple of pictures of Sean and Cami asleep in random places, because they just rarely, rarely did that. Nate, however, since he wasn’t much of a napper would just go 90 mph and fall asleep wherever he ran out of gas. I have numerous pics of him sleeping in places other than his bed…like at the dinner table, on the lawn, in a chair (many times), etc. I’m glad Mr. Davey stayed asleep for you after the transfer to bed. :)

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