davey cool

 thursday: april 10th


instead of "joe cool" i want you to meet "davey cool:"


we did get up the energy to go for a walk late yesterday afternoon…. and it was GORGEOUS outside… it may have taken us all day long to get out for a walk, but it was a worthwhile wait… i think we found the most beautiful part of the day to walk around our neighborhood! 


i was just bummed that we didn’t run into anyone we knew… ‘cuz my little guy was freakin’ DARLING!! spiked hair. cool shades. daddy’s old blanket. seriously… how could you not love this little guy?!  :)

3 thoughts on “davey cool

  1. I’m with Sarah; I can’t believe Davey will keep sunglasses on! I just showed my boys the first picture of Davey (I made it big so that was the only thing on the screen) and Nate immediately said in a big, low voice “He’s cool”. :) Obviously the “flavor” was well communicated in the picture! Have a good day.

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