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monday: april 28th


i’m tired from a long, long day away from home…. or so it felt! we had play group this morning (LOVE those friends and their kids!) and then a visit with grandpa, grandma & uncle tom and then grandma, davey and i went SHOPPING. yep. for a long time. we had a LOT of fun at TJ Maxx and while we were there, i got THE CALL….


baby Cecilia Julianne Fankhauser was BORN!

she arrived at 12:02 a.m. today (4/28/08) and weighed in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces (her mama, apparently, was 9 pounds 11.5 ounces when she was born!) and is 21 inches long. she has a head full of DARK hair and it’s even curly…. we’re all hoping baby Ceci keeps those curls!


and since i was already in bellingham WITH another person (a key b/c unless they are siblings, no kids under the age of 12 are allowed in the rooms with new babies!), i got to visit AND HOLD this precious bundle. I have a cute family photo, but i’m sure Christy (mama) wouldn’t think it’s too cute, so i’ll refrain from uploading it to my blog!  


Our shopping adventures today also took us to The Dollar Tree and the mall. Grandma was doing most of the shopping, though I did manage to snag a new purse at TJ Maxx (it’s a Nine West – one of my favorite brands – for only $25) and a little outfit for Baby Ceci. And I’m always a sucker at The Dollar Tree, but I did a good job and only spent $12 there (and $3 of that was on baby shower/present gift bags)!


Over the weekend (‘cuz I haven’t updated you), we had some really nice weather. So on Saturday, Dave was REALLY busy! He mowed the lawn and cleaned the deck. Plus he had a work lunch (side job) and then came home with one of our cabinets from mom & dad’s house (dad built us some custom storage cabinets for our bonus room and we’ve been WAITING for the weather to get warm enough so we could paint them). we spent a bit of time on-line reading up about faux white-washing techniques and we finally went with equal parts water to paint and then lots of ragging (aka: wiping OFF the paint). we each did a cabinet and there’s still one unpainted one in mom & dad’s garage. i have a feeling i’ll be doing that one by myself! we still have to put a coat of a "sealer" over the paint, but i’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. once we seal these cabinets, we can move them up to the bonus room and finally GET THAT PLACE IN SHAPE! two of the cabinets are for my scrapbooking stuff (and i’m counting on them to hold a LOT more than my current shelving situation, so hopefully i’ll take up LESS space in the room) and the third one is for Dave’s photography stuff that has taken over a corner of the room. with lighting kits and camera bags and everything else in-between, his cabinet will come in handy. hopefully we can get the twin bed out of that room (and store it… where?) so we can set up davey’s little play corner. but enough about this… i’m sure i’m boring you.


davey is as cute as ever. he still LOVES to people watch and he’s been doing it all weekend and all day today. he really is a good boy and only fusses when he’s "stuck" or been "stuck" for "too long" (like today with the shopping carts and stroller). he looked SO CUTE on sunday… we pulled out an outfit that his great-grandma bought for him…. a gymboree outfit… and i mean OUTFIT. pants. shirt. hat. and matching socks. all with a blue theme and an "ant" theme. so darling! he wasn’t a big fan of the hat, though i did manage to get him to forget about it for awhile when it was on his head sideways! so here’s the little cutie:


and with his favorite finger food:



I’m tellin’ ya, this kid can eat cheerios by the fist-full. i’m not sure they’re his all-time favorite snack, but because he CONSUMES them at an alarming rate, it’s cheaper to give him those then a lot of puffs, so we save the puffs as "special" snacks!  :) 


and since that ant outfit was so darn cute, we FINALLY remembered to take davey’s photo with his (my?) stuffed elephant…. his official 9-month photo…. only two and a half weeks late (again)!


i don’t think i’ve told you yet, but one of the reasons i haven’t been posting as much is due to TIME. i’m currently covering for a co-worker who is on vacation (for two and a half weeks) and has me doing about as much work in those 2+ weeks as i’ve done ALL YEAR! yeah. pretty crazy. but good for the wallet!

a meeting… of sorts

 friday: april 25th


the sun is shining. the weather is supposed to be up to 60 and 65 tomorrow and sunday (YIPPEE!) and i’m in a good mood. with the exception of the fact that i’m covering for a co-worker who is on vacation which means i have FIVE progress reports to write today. yes. FIVE. that means at least 3 hours of work. thankfully, grandma is going to watch davey for a few hours this afternoon so i can work in peace. hopefully i’ll be able to take the peanut for a walk this weekend (maybe with dave?!). 


on monday night this week, we celebrated grandma’s birthday. uncle jeff came into lynden to join the family for cake and ice cream. and he LOVED playing with davey (and keeping him up past his bed time). here’s one of my favorite photos that uncle jeff called "the meeting of the minds."


this child, my child, LOVES to head-butt people. and things. yesterday morning he was in his tigger (aka: johnny jumper) and he purposely banged his head into the door frame (he did it several times). and then when i looked at him, he started crying. guess he hasn’t yet figured out that his own actions sometimes hurt him! a few days ago, he was sitting on a blanket on the floor just playing with some of his toys, which included the x-box remote. he picked it up. looked at me. then bopped himself in the head with it. then started to pout and whine a little. he passed the remote to his other hand. bopped himself in the head (again, on purpose) and again started to pout and whine. 


what a funny kid. those are the only things he bangs into his head. i think almost all of his toys get bumped into his forehead (on purpose) at one time or another. good thing we all have hard heads!


on another note, i’m getting worried that he’s going to outgrow his exersaucer soon. he’s been on the "top setting" for months now. his favorite thing to do now is stand there and eat (and eat and eat and eat and eat) cheerios. my kid LOVES his cheerios. and he’s pretty good at picking them up and getting them into his mouth on the first try. (as i type this paragraph, he’s actually in his saucer eating away). i don’t know what i’m going to do when he outgrows the saucer. he LOVES to stand and we get so tired of holding him up all the time. his balance is getting better, but he still has to lean against stuff in order to stay upright.


happy friday to everyone! we’re celebrating here b/c we heard that great-grandpa & great-grandma dunkin are thinking about visiting the great northwest in september. i may finally get my opportunity to take a FOUR GENERATION photo of the David C Dunkin boys (great-grandpa, grandpa, Dave and Davey)! 

new new new

 thursday: april 24th


so this week davey has done at least two new things….. the first was yesterday when he got to wear his little baby gap "converse" style shoes:

i found these navy ones and some black ones at a garage sale (preview) last weekend. they’re SO CUTE…. unfortunately, they’re a bit too small. so sad. they’re so darn cute on his feet… but at least now i know that he can’t wear a size 3!


and this morning, i had to go upstairs to get my computer and while i was up there i got a little bit distracted (for less than 5 minutes). and when i came back downstairs, this is what i saw: 

yep. that’s my little boy, SOUND ASLEEP while standing up in his exersaucer. after taking a moment to find my camera and take a few photos, i moved him to his crib where he took the rest of his morning nap!



the position

 wednesday: april 23rd


today we get to see uncle tom. last night he arrived home from his three (plus) months of adventures in spain, france, italy and scotland. he’s eager to see davey. so today we’ll probably spend a lot of time at grandpa & grandma’s house…. and we’ll be back there tonight with daddy, too!


over the weekend, dave and i got to spend a lot of time with davey. neither of us had anything we HAD to do. no work. no projects. no errands. it was just a relaxing weekend at home and we loved it. we also got to watch davey roll and roll and roll…. he still hasn’t quite grasped that he can roll to get from one place to another, but i’m okay with that. right now he pretty much stays in the general area where we set him down. but over the weekend, he did assume the position (all on his own!): 

he hasn’t figured out crawling yet (not even the army crawl), though he is learning how to scoot himself around. we know, however, that once he crawls for the first time, we’re done for… he’ll be doing it non-stop until he learns how to walk!


what else is he doing? he’s learning how to balance on his feet. he’s doing really well at it, too. we can lean him against the couch or chair or ottoman and he’ll stand there for long stretches of time. it doesn’t even phase us anymore when he does it!


so i’ll leave you with a photo of davey sleeping the other night… he was asleep on TOP of his blanket…. and he was arched in a most-uncomfortable looking way:

seriously odd

 Saturday: April 19th


these things are odd (perhaps even seriously odd):

 - the weather. it snowed this week – at least three times. it also hailed. rained. was sunny. and is crazy-windy today. last saturday it was 70 and sunny. don’t think we’ll have another day like that for awhile. 

 - davey’s naps. thursday night/friday morning he decided to be awake from 3:20 to 4:30 a.m. neither dave nor i slept during that time. and neither of us was happy about it. then, he didn’t wake up until 9 a.m. and then only took one nap for the day from noon to 1:45.  last night he slept through the night (8:15 p.m. to 6:30 when he got a binky and 7 when daddy fed him) and then took a three hour nap (10 a.m. to p.m..). he normally takes a one hour nap in the morning. 

 - i have been able to scrapbook a few times this week. and play with my supplies. and put stuff away. and rearrange a little. this rarely happens. maybe it has something to do with getting my new adhesive gun in the mail (my first one was defective).

i actually FINISHED a number of layouts from the last TWO crops i attended (in february and april)… and they’re now sitting in a box waiting to be put into albums (that’s a whole ‘nother project!)

 - it’s saturday and we have no plans. not one. nothing looming before us. (this "seriously odd" item feels nice!)

 - my brother called me last sunday. he normally calls on my birthday. and dave’s birthday. and maybe certain holidays (like christmas and thanksgiving). i loved talking to him. and it appears he called "just because." i love that he did that. but it was out of the norm (aka: odd)!  

 - davey, who normally has hot, sweaty feet (seriously, i think that kid could walk through a blizzard without socks and his feet would stay warm) had FREEZING COLD feet this morning when i got up. i dressed him in one of the warmest outfits i could find…. a fuzzy, fleece lined sweatshirt with matching (NOT fleeced-lined sweatpants) from nana. it’s brown and tan and super cute!

 - i made cookies the other day and even though i’ve eaten quite a few of them (hey – if they’re there, i’ll eat them), they haven’t tasted very good to me. not like they taste funny. but just like i no longer like chocolate chip cookies (GASP!). that’s also very odd. (i’ve known the toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe BY HEART since i was about 8 years old – go ahead, test me sometime on the ingredients.)

 - i’m sure there are many other odd things, but that’s all i can think of for now. i’ll leave you with lots of photos of my layouts from the april crop (including the layouts i had to "finish"):

 here’s proof why you don’t talk and scrap at the same time… you spell "shopping" with two "o"s instead of two "p"s and then you have to stamp a 2nd "p" over the 2nd "o" and it doesn’t look so good!


but then you talk to different people about it and leah gives you some great advice on how to "fix" it without re-scrapping it (can’t get that paper anymore):

and a close up of the fix: 

(hey meg – recognize those buttons?)







what a day

 thursday: april 17th


wow. what a day! today, i watched THREE kids. yep. davey and i had the privilege of babysitting ellie jo and lily jean 

while their beautiful mama, stacy, was working.


earlier this week, i was a little worried about today – wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD i would do with all these kids for SIX HOURS…. but God was great. when the girls arrived (at 11 a.m.), davey was still napping. and after he woke up and ate, lily decided she wanted to take a nap an hour earlier than normal…. and she slept for over 90 minutes. by the time she woke up, davey was already in his crib b/c he was being mr. fussy-pants. it took him over 40 minutes to actually go to sleep, but then he slept for THREE HOURS. yep. THREE HOURS. he didn’t wake up until about 5:30 – after Stacy had come by to pick up the girls!


i had thought about going for a walk with the girls and davey, but with his long nap, we just ran out of time in the day! we watched annie, my girl and baked cookies. we built towers with blocks (and knocked them over) and we did some fun penguin bowling. all-in-all, it was easier than i thought. it was still hard…. but it wasn’t awful. i even got some laundry done (two loads folded and one more dried)! i think i was more productive today than i have been any other day this week!  


and for good measure, here’s yet another photo of davey in one of his favorite seats: 

look what i made!

 wednesday: april 16, 2008



after my dear friend meg stopped by to deliver a bag ‘o books for davey (good stuff, too!), davey went down for a nap and i FINALLY pulled out my wire binding machine. it’s pretty cool. and way easy to use. we’re talking seriously easy. so i used gluestick to adhere some patterned paper scraps to some chipboard. and i cut up some regular school notebook paper. and there you have it… a little 3×6 lined notebook! pretty cute, huh? i’m excited to make more…. 3×6, 3×3… SO MANY OPTIONS! i have a feeling i’ll be making a LOT of these for the craft show in october! hopefully they’ll sell!


wanna see what else i made? okay…

these cute cards are for my card class at the store in two weeks (4/29/08). i’m pretty excited about them… it’s the first time i played with acetate for cards. so the front of each card is clear. the butterfly card actually uses two photo corner rubons. the other two cards have flowers stamped on them (using staz on ink). i’m REALLY happy with how these turned out!


and since many readers believe no post is complete without a photo of my sweet davey, here ya go:

nine months

 tuesday: april 15th


it’s so hard to believe that davey is 9 months old today. i can’t believe i’ve been a mama for 9 months. i feel like i’m still learning. still getting "in the groove." still learning how this "parenting" thing works. thankfully, davey is pretty forgiving… and he’s learning about this "child" thing simultaneously with my "parenting" lessons, so we’re a good pair!  :)


so 11 months ago, davey looked like this (from our 4-D ultrasound):


and 9 months ago, davey looked like this (his hospital website photo):


and this past Sunday, he looked like this:


he’s grown a lot in a year, eh?!  :)


there’s not much new to report since last month, but here’s a list anyway:

 - weighs approximately 17 pounds and is approximately 27 inches

 - "talking" a lot (especially "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba")

 - able to sit up by himself for long lengths of time

 - able to play by himself with his toys for longer lengths of time (blocks, stacking toy, bucket of shapes, cars, etc.)

 - still loves to stand and bounce

 - still loves to be thrown in the air and to be "dropped" and other similar games

 - wearing 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing (and filling it out well)

 - beginning to eat more solid foods

 - still only has his bottom two teeth

 - still drools like crazy

 - loves to people watch

 - loves other kids (especially babies)

 - still tries to "twirl" his hair (like mama & daddy) when he’s tired

 - still puts almost everything into his mouth

 - will watch tv for brief periods of time (whatever we’re watching or veggie tales or cartoons)

 - enjoys playing with his feet (especially his toes)

 - will reach out his arms for us to hold him (love this – most of the time!)

 - still a delight in the church nursery

 - rolls over all the time (back to front and front to back – FINALLY)

 - can "scoot"/army crawl with some assistance



a new texture

 saturday: april 12th


yesterday, after running several errands (including the hospital trip to meet little bethany), we were FINALLY able to connect with our dear friend Kelsey and her two month old sweetie, Halle Joy. They’re in town for a wedding today but came up early yesterday to make sure they could visit some special people. we feel HONORED that we were among the few that got to see them on this trip… it was our first time meeting Halle Joy and she was ASLEEP the whole time! 

 (gotta love that little tongue!)


Davey and I headed out for a walk and met up with Kelsey, Halle, Shelly, Andrew & Lizzie at the Bender Fields playground. We had about an hour to visit before everyone had go, but it was a beautiful afternoon and there was some good conversation. I’m sad I didn’t get to hold sweet Halle Joy, but hopefully I can head down to their house later this month for a visit with Halle and her big brother, Markus.


While at the playground, I put Davey in a swing and he was a little more animated this time than last time. He actually SMILED a few times and laughed when I pushed him!


(that’s lizzie in the left swing… she really seemed to enjoy swinging, too!)


and after swinging, davey got to experience something new…..  GRASS! yep. i plunked him right down on some grass to see what he would do (it seems so many kids – boys and girls – are NOT interested in the grass… sitting in it, rolling over in it, crawling on it, walking on it).

he just sat there and plucked away at the blades of grass. not happy. not sad. (it was definitely nap time while we were out for this adventure!). it’ll be interesting to see how he responds to grass the next time he gets to sit in it. 


speaking of grass…. it’s time dave and i get outside to mow our lawn, trim dead flowers (i know, should’ve been done in the fall…. but i was busy learning how to be a mama!) and other random saturday projects. at least we have a fun evening to look forward to…. dinner (here) with the Baileys (Justin, Brandi, Emma and Jaden)!