wednesday already?

 wednesday: march 19th


so it’s wednesday already? i have so much to do this week…. and most of it involved cleaning. on monday, i got to really CLEAN most of the downstairs. by "really clean" i mean, i got to walk around with a bucket of hot water, murphy soap and a rag and DUST. yes. my several MONTHS worth of dust has finally been banished from my living room. and it feels SOOOOO GOOD!!!


I’ve got a few errands to run to get stuff for our big Easter meal on Sunday, but otherwise, I’m hoping this week will be all about cleaning. i should get a maid. i really should. and i’m seriously considering it. but for now, i’ll settle for getting an opportunity to do the cleaning myself. i am bummed, however, that i’ll have to make a point to clean AGAIN next week. see, this weekend we’re having our big easter meal at our house. the next weekend i’m hosting a baby shower… at our house. so this place (at least the downstairs) has got to be spic and span!  :)


last night, i fell asleep early (by 10:30) b/c i was so tired. and i woke up around 2 (see, for the past two or three nights, so has davey – and he’s needed to eat a FULL bottle at that time). i heard him making a few little noises and i prayed he’d fall back asleep b/c i was too tired to get up and feed him. well he fell asleep, but guess who was STILL WIDE AWAKE at 4:18 a.m.? yep. me. seems those two cups of tea (with caffeine, lemon & honey) that i had yesterday (for my throat) gave me a bit of insomnia. poor me. so i finally fell asleep sometime after 4:18 a.m. and was up at 6:15 a.m. to feed davey. but i am still thankful that he didn’t need another 2 a.m. feeding. i think he was in a growth spurt. i’m also thankful that he and i BOTH went back to sleep after his feeding this morning!


i worked yesterday at treasury. man, i LOVE that place! we received a shipment of 25 boxes of new goodies and it’s stuff that i’ve been EAGERLY anticipating! i’m hoping to get a call from carly or someone today or tomorrow requesting my presence to help get it out on the floor. i just want to touch it all and look at it all again!  :)  and then buy lots of it, of course. and it’s SECRET CHICK week at the store, which means i have to make sure my secret chick gets at least one more goodie package!


and i have no new photos to share today. i know. i’m sorry. but i was kinda busy yesterday with the store, some shopping errands, losing my voice (yeah, try teaching to a group of women with no voice!) and putting everything away when i got home.


oh! i forgot to mention that i bought myself a new toy yesterday. a wire-binding machine. i’m SO EXCITED to play with it (i may have to forego some cleaning this week so i can try it out)… i’m really hoping it’ll come in handy for the show in october. i’m hoping to make journals and mini books and notepads and all kinds of fun, cool, clever and unique items. 

2 thoughts on “wednesday already?

  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with from your new toy. Sounds like fun. I’ll have to show you my newest set of cards some time. They turned out so, so cute (if I do say so myself). It never ceases to amaze me that whenever I make cards with random words on them, God promptly gives me opportunities to give them away…and the seemingly “random” word I put on is just the right thing for the recipient. Thanks for getting me started on this cool ministry.

  2. I hired a cleaning girl about 1 1/2 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did!!! She comes every other week and does my bathrooms, dusting and vaccuuming. I still do my kitchen and basement (for the sake of not having to pay for another hour). I love it!

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