the doctor said…

 wednesday: march 26th


well, the doctor said i have allergies. yep. at the ripe old age of "older than 27" i finally have to admit that i have allergies. and i live in the best place on earth to really feed this new illness. sheesh!


so on monday night i asked dave "what, exactly, is snot and where does it come from?" and i wanted an answer more in-depth than "mucus." so he looked it up. wanna know? well i’m gonna tell you anyway. see, we have this lining in our nose much like the lining in our stomach (to help break down foods). when we have bacteria in our respiratory system, the nose lining secretes to try to flush out the bacteria. so that’s where your snot comes from. pretty gross, huh? but you learned something new, right?


so armed with that information, i finally gave in and called the doctor yesterday morning. they fit me into their morning schedule and i left the office with a prescription for antibiotics and the advice to take claritin. 


hopefully the combination of antibiotics and claritin will have me back on my feet and feeling 100% very, very soon. i’m tired of being sick!


and totally unrelated to what the doctor said and me being sick, here are some photos of my darling baby davey in the bathtub the other night (no worries, the innocent are protected in these photos!)! he LOVES bathtime. absolutely LOVES it! many thanks to carrilee for loaning us this WAY BETTER bathtub!


mmmm. these new construction squirters are pretty tasty. i like the green one:

and the orange one: 

and the construction guy is pretty yummy, too:


hey! i think mama is squirting me:



no more squirting, please mama. it’s getting in my eyes:


really? c’mon mama. no more squirting. i thought we were done with this game:



i’d better rub my head to tell mama just how tired i am and that i won’t take any more of this funny business from her:


okay. are we all done with the squirting?



good. back to eating those squirters again:




7 thoughts on “the doctor said…

  1. Ahhh, good times in the tub! Always a favorite of my kids too. I loved it when my boys were old enough to sit in there unattended. They would stay in the water until it was FREEZING, but they didn’t care. What can I say, it was super-cheap entertainment! Davey’s look in the second to the last shot is awesome – “I mean business, mom”. Too cute! :)

  2. PS Sorry to hear about your allergies – I feel your pain. I think this must be a bad spring for them, it’s the worst I’ve had in a LONNNNG time. Although I doubt that any doctor would back me on this, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fact of you having had a baby in the last year has tipped the “allergy scales” for you. Pregnancy can seem to change these things one way or the other. You may find that after your child-bearing years, the allergies improve. At least we can hope! Hang in there.

  3. great bathtime pics! :) so, i’ve never tried this b/c i don’t have sinus problems or allergies (knock on wood!) but i’ve heard amazing things about the neti pot – it’s a simple way of cleansing your sinuses and it’s supposed to be great. just thought i’d throw that out there as a natural alternative to the drugs! hope you’re feeling better!

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