show & facebook update

 thursday: march 6th


this time next week, i’ll have completed my first day at the Lynden Antique and Craft Show (or Fair – not sure of the exact title). wow. less than a week to go. just so you know there’s a good reason why i haven’t posted much lately (and why i haven’t taken too many photos of the cutest baby ever)…. here’s an update of my preparation for the craft show -




11 baby albums (6 boy and 5 girl)

18 (or 24 – i can’t remember?) tins to hold gift cards

10 4×6 "brag" books

5 wallet size "brag" books

12 mini books in tins

8 frames

40-some cards



12 tins of gift tags

several baby albums



3 tins (not sure what to put in them)

3 more 4×6 "brag" books

lots and lots and lots of cards (i’d like to have at least 100 at the start of the show)

whatever else pops into my brain between now and less than a week from now!

paint the pegboard in the garage – for display

possibly paint the wooden crates – for display


so a HUGE THANKS to my wonderful mother in law who is helping me by taking davey for hours at a time so i can work on projects! and THANKS (in advance) to dave who’ll be watching davey this weekend so i can work on projects for the show! 


as for facebook… i’m learning to like it.i had some major frustrations yesterday when my own profile wouldn’t show up for me… grrrrr. but by late last night it was up and running and i was enjoying my "dabbling" into this new world. i’ve found some friends from high school and college that i haven’t talked to in YEARS (over a decade, at least). and i’ve found two groups "celebrating" my school from Jerusalem, Israel. ahhh… what a trip down memory lane. such a good place to go. 

2 thoughts on “show & facebook update

  1. Wow friend! I’m totally IMPRESSED by how much you’ve already created for the Craft Show. Great job! We’re on Facebook too but I have no idea how it all works. Our purpose for it is to get people to our blog. So if you have any great tips make sure to pass them on and of course we would love to have you as a friend! =)

  2. I so wish I could come up and support you with the craft fair! I love everything you have showed here so far. I can’t believe all you have done- and with a little one :) . That’s awesome. You should be so proud of all of your hard work.

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