one crabby boy

tuesday: march 4


poor davey. he’s been rather crabby lately. i think his top two teeth are trying to make an appearance (though we can’t feel or see them yet). and to top that off, he’s got a new cold… with an awful lot of coughing. poor kid. for the last day or two, he’s coughed so much that he does some projectile spitting/vomiting of his food. thankfully it’s only been after meals of all formula.


speaking of formula. last week i was frustrated b/c he wasn’t drinking. but he was really thirsty. and after about 4 days of this, i finally (duh… why’d it take me so long?) tried squirting water and formula through his bottle nipples. stuck. poor kid. i’d been trying to feed him for 4 days and he just couldn’t get anything out of the nipples! i felt SOOOOOO BAD! i went out the next day and bought a pack of three new ones. and when i boiled those, i boiled his other two and tried to get them all unclogged. and i do a few things differently now… like make sure the nipple works before EVERY feeding!


so with all that said, i’m teaching cards today so if you think of davey, myself or my mother-in-law, please pray for all of us. pray for linda as she watches davey all day. pray for davey that he’ll feel little (if any) pain and that today will be a good and happy day. and pray for me that i’ll be able to get "refreshed" today so tomorrow davey and i can start off on a really good foot!


oh yeah… 9 days to the show!



4 thoughts on “one crabby boy

  1. Isaac always gets a ‘cold’ before he starts teething- and the top two teeth were the worst & took a couple of weeks (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I know lots of people who’s kids didn’t take that long). We use teething tablets (walmart sells them) and they seem to work better than pain meds. Good luck- we’re praying for you. We know the frustration with living with a cranky kido!

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