it’s over

 saturday: march 15th


i’m SOOO tired. but not as tired as linda and sara. they’ve stayed up late for the last few nights to create more items to sell. they both did REALLY well at the show. and we all agreed to do it again in october… same show, but supposedly bigger with twice the sales. i figure my stuff will sell better at that time, as people will be able to buy the items as gifts for other people. and i’m going to alter my merchandise… i’m gonna invest in a wire-binding machine and make some journals and desk-top calendars and stuff like that. i’ll hit that higher price-point (the $15-25 range) and hopefully I’ll have a better show. 


(from left to right: me, linda and sara – holding her daughter mia – in our booth)


Oh yeah. you probably want an update on my show results? Well, I sold exactly ZERO of my 8×8 albums. I was hoping to sell four. and then this morning i lowered my expectation to two. and then this afternoon i hoped to sell one. just one. but none. zip. zero. zilch. oh well. i tried, right? despite that, i DID sell almost $200 worth of smaller items. so I did lose money on this venture (simply b/c i have an overstock of smaller items right now) but i might open an etsy shop to sell them (frames, photo albums, gift tag tins, mini book tins, etc.). so i’m not elated with my end tally for the show, but at least it wasn’t a total bust for me. and i got my name out there. i got some experience. and i learned what will and won’t work. so learning experience is good.


so all-in-all, i’m really glad i did the show. and i’m looking forward to the one in october. and i plan to start working on items to sell…. SOON!  :)   

3 thoughts on “it’s over

  1. Good on you for seeing the value in the experience, even though the bottom line wasn’t what you hoped for. :) Get some rest and enjoy a return to normalcy (whatever THAT is!). I’m crafting some cards…finally felt inspired, after beginning to feel I was never going to get that way again. :) All it took was a TOM gift certificate left from Christmas, some super-cute Scenic Route paper, and a couple of free hours. Whew; I was getting worried! Talk soon.

  2. I remember our fall sales were always bigger than the springs so your right that your sales will be better in the fall. People seem to be more interested in buying when it’s closer to the holidays. I’m glad you’re not giving up. Your products are great! It is a learning experience sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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