a walk TO the woods

 monday: march 10th


on saturday, we had a pretty sunny day. i took a break from my crafting to go on a walk with dave and davey. after we walked through a local neighborhood, we decided to head over to the woods…. a local coffee shop. dave got an avalanche (cold drink) and i got a smoothie (thank you, lisa, for my birthday woods gift certificates!). and dave wanted to drink whatever he saw:


mama, please can i have it?


oh, i can reach it. almost. 


oh! got it!


now how does this thing work?


so after his adventure with my strawberry-peach smoothie, he had fun with daddy. and i managed to capture this photo, which is my new most favorite photo ever:



and YESTERDAY, davey decided he was tired of hearing me tell people he can’t/won’t roll over. so without any encouragement from us (we weren’t even watching), he rolled over from his back to his tummy. and then from his tummy to his back! he did it a couple more times that night. and then after battling with him for an HOUR to take a nap, i went upstairs for one final "please go to sleep" plea (this was only 10 minutes ago) and he was ON HIS TUMMY in his crib! there’s hope that he may actually crawl BEFORE he walks!  :)  



and here’s my craft fair update:

i made over 50 cards on saturday. and i’ve managed to decorate another few baby albums (up to 15 ready to go). my friend’s mother-in-law came over today to help me price my items (thanks, taya, for sharing debbie with me!) and that was a HUGE help!


so what do i have left to do? just the following:
- complete 5 more baby albums

- make 20-30 more cards

- paint 3 crates (for display) and a pegboard screen (which is being made tonight by my wonderful father-in-law)

- get cash for the cash box

- tag all my items

- potentially purchase and paint a card display (from a local shop that’s going out of business)


and i’m not really sure what else. i have lists all over this house. wednesday is set-up day. and the show is thursday, friday and saturday. so i basically have tonight and tomorrow to get stuff finished.

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