a little frustrated

 friday: march 14


yesterday was a little rough on me. by 2:30 my entire sales at our booth was a whopping $4.95. yeah. but linda and sara had done pretty well. pretty crappy. when i left around 5:30 I was up to about $25. thankfully sara called me tonight to tell me my tally at the end of the day was up to $45. so right now i’m trying to make some product adjustments. we’ll see what happens, though. i hear saturday is supposed to be the big day. i’m holding out hope. lots and lots of hope. maybe it’ll be a different crowd – with different shoppers looking for different things. 


despite my frustration with my final tally for the day, at least i didn’t stay at that $4.95 mark all day! so yeah, it could have been worse. and i did have fun in the booth. i like being surrounded by things that make me happy. and our booth makes me happy. it’s actually one of the cutest booths at the show…. who knows… maybe we’ll win a "best looking booth" award or something! 


time for bed.

2 thoughts on “a little frustrated

  1. $45 isn’t too shabby… especially when it was a weekday. I’m sure you’re sales will spike when the weekend hits!

  2. I’m sorry it didn’t go so great yesterday. If i remember right Thursdays are mostly antique buyers and more of the craft buyers come Friday & Saturday. Hope you’re day went better today. I’ve been praying for you! =)

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