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 monday: march 31st….




what a weekend. i woke up to snow on friday morning. davey and i braved the cold weather and headed to the grocery store where i decided he was big enough to try sitting in the cart all by himself….


that night, i had a fun evening out with my "mom" friends. i love you girls! and i had forgotten how yummy the food is at chihuahua’s in ferndale! love me some mexican yumminess!


then on saturday, i hosted my dear friend (and former roommate) Christy’s baby shower. she’s expecting a baby girl in about 4 weeks. i was a bit busy with the shower and therefore i neglected to take any photos. sorry, christy!


and here’s a smattering of random davey photos:


i love those happy and somewhat cheesy (the first one, especially) grins!


in this next photo, check out his hand on the "gear shift…" so cute! and notice his crossed ankles? his ankles rarely stop moving… they’re often crossed (as in the photo) or he "rolls" them around in circles. i love how comfy he looks on his daddy’s lap!



and another new pasttime…. grabbing his toes and holding onto his toes/foot while eating his bottle (he did this for about 15 minutes today – it’s hilarious b/c he has to remove his sock first, which i don’t often let him do)!


he really is a great baby. my heart melted (yet again) today when I went to pick him up from the nursery after church service. he was sound asleep in the arms of a teenage girl who was helping in the infants side of the nursery. apparently he had fallen asleep while drinking his bottle (about the only time he’ll fall asleep in your arms anymore). so darling. 

mommy’s little monster

 Friday: March 28th


Davey was being REALLY fussy earlier this week. There was very little Dave and I could do to pacify him. Until I put Davey on my shoulders. He was happy as could be at that point! So here are some photos of Davey on my shoulders… he’s SO HAPPY and he just kept snuggling into my hair. It was so funny!




so even though that was pretty cute, THIS was not:


Despite my "little monster" and his moments that drive me insane, I’m feeling a LOT better than I did earlier this week. Thanks to Dr. D and those antibiotics, I’m feeling much, MUCH better! I might even have the energy to finish up my to do list (which includes planning & prepping for a baby shower at my house THIS Saturday)!


Thursday: March 27th, 2008


ACK! I’ve been TAGGED by Alissa!   

I’m supposed to answer the following statements with one word… let’s see how I do!  :)


You’re feeling: drained
To your left: toys
On your mind: work
Last meal included: enchiladas
You sometimes find it hard to: rest
The weather: enh.
Something you have a collection of: minibooks
A smell that cheers you up: powder (specifically baby powder smelling lotion!)
A smell that can ruin your mood: poo (especially davey’s!)
How long since you last shaved: yesterday
The current state of your hair:  disaster
The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): (a) mess
Your skill with chopsticks:  (the) pits
Which section you head for first in a bookstore: magazines
…and after that?: clearance
Something you’re craving: sleep (or health)
Your general thoughts on the presidential race: endless
How many times have you been hospitalized this year: none

Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: (on a) walk
You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: teacher (elementary)
Something that freaks you out a little: bridges (specifically driving on them) 
Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: cake
You have never:  sky-dived (sky dove?)
You never want to: hate


i guess i need to tag someone now. How about…. ELIZABETH!




and since no post is FULLY complete without a photo (though I do it anyway):

davey typing on my birthday laptop. he’s so darn happy in front of a keyboard!


the doctor said…

 wednesday: march 26th


well, the doctor said i have allergies. yep. at the ripe old age of "older than 27" i finally have to admit that i have allergies. and i live in the best place on earth to really feed this new illness. sheesh!


so on monday night i asked dave "what, exactly, is snot and where does it come from?" and i wanted an answer more in-depth than "mucus." so he looked it up. wanna know? well i’m gonna tell you anyway. see, we have this lining in our nose much like the lining in our stomach (to help break down foods). when we have bacteria in our respiratory system, the nose lining secretes to try to flush out the bacteria. so that’s where your snot comes from. pretty gross, huh? but you learned something new, right?


so armed with that information, i finally gave in and called the doctor yesterday morning. they fit me into their morning schedule and i left the office with a prescription for antibiotics and the advice to take claritin. 


hopefully the combination of antibiotics and claritin will have me back on my feet and feeling 100% very, very soon. i’m tired of being sick!


and totally unrelated to what the doctor said and me being sick, here are some photos of my darling baby davey in the bathtub the other night (no worries, the innocent are protected in these photos!)! he LOVES bathtime. absolutely LOVES it! many thanks to carrilee for loaning us this WAY BETTER bathtub!


mmmm. these new construction squirters are pretty tasty. i like the green one:

and the orange one: 

and the construction guy is pretty yummy, too:


hey! i think mama is squirting me:



no more squirting, please mama. it’s getting in my eyes:


really? c’mon mama. no more squirting. i thought we were done with this game:



i’d better rub my head to tell mama just how tired i am and that i won’t take any more of this funny business from her:


okay. are we all done with the squirting?



good. back to eating those squirters again:




joe cool

 tuesday: march 25th


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANA! We love you and we miss you! (And we’re sending your present today).


In honor of your birthday, Davey wants to show you his new "joe cool" look:

Red shades just for you, Nana!


And another photo of Davey from Easter, eye-balling one of his favorite "toys:" 

… the remote controls!


 Monday: March 24th


Our Easter was fun and relaxing. We went to church (have I ever mentioned that Davey is usually an angel-baby in the nursery? Most of the nursery workers want to take him home b/c he’s so good. and cute. and sweet. can’t say that I blame them. and i hope by tellng you this i am NOT jinxing myself for next week! After church we headed home and prepared a yummy meal for us and dave’s parents (spiral, glazed ham with cheesy potatoes, green beans that cooked in bacon & onion for about 5 hours, crescent rolls, cinnamon applesauce…. and a marble cake with chocolate frosting for dessert). we have PLENTY of left overs (even after sending a bunch home with dave’s parents). i can never bring myself to buy a small, appropriately sized ham for an event like this. i’d rather have leftovers of a DELICIOUS ham, than have to eat a not-so-yummy ham in the first place. besides, elft over ham is yummy…. especially when it has that sweet glaze on it. ummmmm. (see julie, you’re not the only one)!


i forgot to mention, however, that davey slept through the ENTIRE easter meal. he missed his morning nap (which usually happens on sundays) so we put him down when we got home from church (12:45 ish) and he didn’t wake up until a little after 3! (i’m really, REALLY hoping he’s in the process of taking few naps, but taking LONGER naps). anyway, just because he missed out on us eating easter dinner, it didn’t seem fair not to let him partake of the goods. so i pulled out the baby food "grinder" and fed him some green beans – he wasn’t a fan. and i fed him some cheesy potatoes – again, not a fan. but the cinnamon applesauce? GOBBLED IT UP! yep. he wanted more and more and more. that kid is DEFINITELY the entertainment in this household! he also got to eat some cake at dessert time (though no frosting for him). he was a GREAT baby today and even took another nap from 6ish to 7ish.


The four of us watched basketball until the games were over (all too early) and then Dave said "let’s watch previews" (his new favorite thing to do with his Apple TV – especially previews in HDTV). So we watched previews and eventually rented and watched a movie (can’t remember the name) where Chef Kate’s sister dies in a car accident and her niece Zoe comes to live with her and she falls in love with her Sous Chef…. it was cute. And pretty clean. Always a plus when watching movies with the parents!  :)


Here’s a photo of Davey’s First Easter Basket:

Quite a few books. And puffs (including a new flavor for him – Strawberry Apple…. he likes ‘em!). Sunglasses (he’s too darn cute in them), bubbles and a set of awesome little cars. And then he got ANOTHER basket from grandpa & grandma. It was filled with a Golden Book (Pixar’s Cars),  a cute basketball outfit (onesie & shorts), camo shoes (yes, you read right… i LOVE them!), plastic eggs with silver coinage (guess I’d better get Davey a piggy bank) and some Cadbury eggs for Dave & I.  


And here’s his Daddy’s Easter Basket:

(missing an iTunes gift card that i seem to have lost somewhere in this house – let me know if you find one somewhere, okay?…. and a small bag of fire cheetos that i forgot to put in the basket)! And no worries, dear friends, I did fill a basket for myself. Fun goodies… a new hand towel & two washcloths (to match my new towels I got for Christmas), some scrapbook goodies (a mini book, journaling cards, brads, lots of flowers) and a beautiful necklace purchased at the antique & craft show a few weeks ago (one week ago?)! 


And while I’m on the topic of Easter…. would someone from Treasury PUH-LEASE tell me who was my secret chick/secret risen Jesus (just for you, Julie)! I’m thinking it MAY have been Elizabeth. But that’s pretty much just a guess. Would someone please CLUE ME IN, though? I’m at the store so rarely that I just don’t know as much as the rest of the TOM girls. And Patti, I hope you don’t feel like you got cheated or anything. Everyone was REALLY into this Secret Chick thing…. even more so than our Secret Santa, I think. I wanted to do more, but with the craft fair just ending and with getting pretty sick (yes, I’m finally admitting that I was pretty gosh-darn sick), I just didn’t have the energy to do much for you… or be too creative. My chick was awesome! I got a box full of yummy goodies on Tuesday (Reeses’ Peanut Butter Eggs, a giant Kit Kat, Mike & Ikes and a gift card to Starbucks). And then two days later I had ANOTHER gift card (to Trader Joes) and a mini rose bush plant (SO CUTE – hopefully I’ll be able to keep it alive)! I’m just sad Secret Chick week is over. It was fun, fun, fun!



On to another topic:

Dave and I had an opportunity to go to dinner & a movie on Friday night and then spend the night in a hotel. Grandpa & Grandma stayed with Davey and had a grand time. We enjoyed our evening out, despite me being pretty darn sick (lots of coughing and nasal congestion). I’m still recovering. I feel as though I’ve just had one cold on top of another on top of another on top of another this season. I never seem to get rid of one before the next one comes along and wallops me pretty hard. 


On Saturday morning, we headed to the Chrysalis (a local Inn & Spa on the water) to get our first ever massages. Unfortunately, I was told that a massage would make my cold last longer (releasing all those toxins into my system) so I got a very light swedish massage. And Dave’s was a little more painful than he had hoped. But I think we’re both VERY INTERESTED in trying again. So we’ll see if any more gift certificates end up in our hot hands! 


When we got home, Davey was in a good mood. We were told that he had been an angel-child and that grandpa & grandma had a LOT of fun with him. That’s good – maybe they’ll be willing to watch him again!!!


After doing some "easter meal prep" and other stuff around the house, we decided to place a "to go" order from Jake’s (a local BBQ restaurant) for dinner. So while Dave was out picking up our order (including a side trip to the grocery store for limeaid and strawberry syrup so we could have strawberry lime drinks like they make at Sonic), Davey had fun playing with a keyboard:


This kid LOVES to type and bang on computers and keyboards! Like father, like son, I suppose. It appears that I have a little "techie" on my hands. Oh the expensive toys this child will need to own!


And I couldn’t help but crack up at this photo…


I keep thinking of that nursery rhyme where someone has "one sock off and one sock on."


Happy Monday to you all, dear friends! Hopefully at least ONE of these photos was able to put a smile on your face! Davey and I plan to go to play group, then to grandpa & grandma’s house and a trip to one more bank to try to cash the last of the checks from the craft fair (we’ve gotta finish our "pay out" to everyone)! 



Good Friday

Friday: March 21st


So today is Good Friday. Except I have a cold (a pretty nasty one). And tonight is our first night to leave Davey all night. And I have a LOT to do. That doesn’t sound so "good" to me. 


Yesterday, Carrilee watched Davey for a good portion of the day so I could go to Treasury and help stock and price all of our new products. I LOVED getting to see and touch and inspect everything. And I even managed to snag a sample! When I got home, I wondered "WHY in the WORLD did I take on a sample (or three?) for the store?" They all need to be completed ASAP and I knew I didn’t have the time OR energy to commit to any samples. But last night, I finished two of them pretty quickly. Wanna see?


The first is a 24×24 canvas, painted a light blue and "strung" with a LOT of ribbons. It was fun to make and I like how it looks with Davey’s "little" pictures. 


And this next project is a mini book made with the brand new Cosmo Cricket "Cogsmo" line:

This line is SO PERFECT for our family. While it’s got a lot of robots, the matching stickers and die cut journaling cards are perfect for "tecchie" stuff. I think I’ll have to buy some more of this line and make some layouts of Davey and Daddy at the computer!


So now I just have a set of cards to make with another new line that arrived this week. But before all that, I think I should go take some AWFUL cold medicine and then take a shower. One step at a time today, one step at a time. 

wednesday already?

 wednesday: march 19th


so it’s wednesday already? i have so much to do this week…. and most of it involved cleaning. on monday, i got to really CLEAN most of the downstairs. by "really clean" i mean, i got to walk around with a bucket of hot water, murphy soap and a rag and DUST. yes. my several MONTHS worth of dust has finally been banished from my living room. and it feels SOOOOO GOOD!!!


I’ve got a few errands to run to get stuff for our big Easter meal on Sunday, but otherwise, I’m hoping this week will be all about cleaning. i should get a maid. i really should. and i’m seriously considering it. but for now, i’ll settle for getting an opportunity to do the cleaning myself. i am bummed, however, that i’ll have to make a point to clean AGAIN next week. see, this weekend we’re having our big easter meal at our house. the next weekend i’m hosting a baby shower… at our house. so this place (at least the downstairs) has got to be spic and span!  :)


last night, i fell asleep early (by 10:30) b/c i was so tired. and i woke up around 2 (see, for the past two or three nights, so has davey – and he’s needed to eat a FULL bottle at that time). i heard him making a few little noises and i prayed he’d fall back asleep b/c i was too tired to get up and feed him. well he fell asleep, but guess who was STILL WIDE AWAKE at 4:18 a.m.? yep. me. seems those two cups of tea (with caffeine, lemon & honey) that i had yesterday (for my throat) gave me a bit of insomnia. poor me. so i finally fell asleep sometime after 4:18 a.m. and was up at 6:15 a.m. to feed davey. but i am still thankful that he didn’t need another 2 a.m. feeding. i think he was in a growth spurt. i’m also thankful that he and i BOTH went back to sleep after his feeding this morning!


i worked yesterday at treasury. man, i LOVE that place! we received a shipment of 25 boxes of new goodies and it’s stuff that i’ve been EAGERLY anticipating! i’m hoping to get a call from carly or someone today or tomorrow requesting my presence to help get it out on the floor. i just want to touch it all and look at it all again!  :)  and then buy lots of it, of course. and it’s SECRET CHICK week at the store, which means i have to make sure my secret chick gets at least one more goodie package!


and i have no new photos to share today. i know. i’m sorry. but i was kinda busy yesterday with the store, some shopping errands, losing my voice (yeah, try teaching to a group of women with no voice!) and putting everything away when i got home.


oh! i forgot to mention that i bought myself a new toy yesterday. a wire-binding machine. i’m SO EXCITED to play with it (i may have to forego some cleaning this week so i can try it out)… i’m really hoping it’ll come in handy for the show in october. i’m hoping to make journals and mini books and notepads and all kinds of fun, cool, clever and unique items. 

on sunday

 monday: march 17th


so i’m still recovering from the craft show. i didn’t realize how tired i was. but i think i’m also fighting off some icky bug… so that could definitely add to my exhaustion. for most of the day yesterday, i lounged on the couch and watched dave and davey play, laugh, interact and just have a lot of fun.


davey is still anti-tummy time, but he has been rolling over a little more often. davey was lying on a blanket on the floor yesterday, playing with some of his toys. once he got tired of the toys, he started playing with the blanket. at one point, he had the blanket pulled over his head and body… he completely covered himself with the blanket. we just watched, waiting for the "get me out of here!" cries. they never came. we just watched the blanket move as he kick-kick-kicked his chubby chunky legs. dave grabbed the camera a few seconds too late, so we don’t have a photo of him happily kicking away while 100% covered, but dave did get a few photos. i think the funniest thing is this playful activity was entirely initiated by davey. i looked at dave and said "he’s really changed in just the past week, hasn’t he?! he’s getting more and more interactive and fun." dave agreed. 



"hey daddy, are you looking? i’ve been here for awhile:"


i see you, daddy:


i’m so proud of myself for playing peek-a-boo with daddy:


see that squint and squished up face? that’s davey’s newest smile. he’s been doing it for a few weeks now. so darn cute!


and yes, i know, i never did post those 7-month photos and now davey is EIGHT MONTHS OLD! we keep forgetting to take his photo, though. but here’s what he’s up to these days:

- starting to sit up on his own

- starting to roll over (mostly from back to tummy)

- eating all stage 1 and stage 2 foods (including some meats)

- poops at least twice a day

- still LOVES to stand

- puts his hand up to his head (and sometimes pulls at his hair) when he’s tired

- takes 2 naps a day (45-60 minutes each)…. SOMETIMES i can get a third nap into him for about 30 minutes long

- weighs around 17 pounds

- still a HAPPY baby

- talking more and more every day… really into "ba-ba-ba" and "ma-ma-ma" sounds lately

- (finally) wearing 6-9 month clothing (though he can still wear some of his 3-6 month stuff… though it’s all pretty small on him now)

- still likes to be in the baby bjorn or his stroller

- going through another growth spurt (last night woke up at 2 a.m. to eat about 7 ounces and woke up again at 7 a.m. to eat another 6.5 ounces)


that’s all i can think of right now. have a good night!