more cute canvas



these were the valentine’s day presents for grandpa and grandma:


those little "blobs" on the green canvas under the quote are davey’s handprints. he wasn’t too cooperative, but dave and i managed to get MOST of his hand prints on there!


and my great big apologies for not taking a photo of nana’s valentine’s day gift before we sent it to her. it was a cute mini book full of photos of davey wearing clothing purchased by nana! and i think it’s the right size that she can fit it in her suitcase on her trip to kenya (less than a week until she leaves, i think)!

3 thoughts on “more cute canvas

  1. You have inspired me!!!! I just need to find somewhere to purchase the letters around here. If you know of anywhere please let me know. May I use that quote? My parents would love it….if you don’t mind I like to steel the whole idea??? Davey is growing so fast! He’s adorable.

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