losing it

 friday: february 1st


i’m losing it. seriously. davey and i battled this morning for an hour and 15 minutes before he FINALLY drifted off to sleep for his morning nap. and right now we’re over 10 minutes into our battle for his afternoon nap.


we’ve been lucky (until today). he’s always been pretty good about bedtime AND naptime. his naps ma not have been very long. but for the most part, his crying was limited to three "cycles" of the musical mobile in his crib. today? not so much. there doesn’t appear to be any logical reason for his incessant screaming. he seems healthy. i don’t think his teeth are bothering him. he’s already pooped (a lot) this morning. he ate almost a full bottle so he shouldn’t be hungry. 


so it seems to be a battle of the wills. i think davey will win some small battles, but i will (eventually) win the war… right?


any tips? any advice? any similar stories to share? seriously…. i need some encouragement today. 

4 thoughts on “losing it

  1. No advice. But, just love him, give him some extra snuggles. His teeth *might* be bugging him and that could be it. Maybe that one has broken through, and there is another one on the way? Whatever it is, and even though I have no real advice, I can tell you, it is a season. Sometimes a LONG season, but this too shall pass. (And if it gets too bad, bring home over to me, or I can come to you – seriously.)

  2. I used to vaccuum my main level so that I couldn’t hear the crying and by the time I was finished he had cried himself to sleep. So, I didn’t have to hear the crying and my house got vaccuumed. Not bad!

  3. Like I’ve always said…IF ONLY BABIES CAME WITH READ-OUTS to tell us what’s wrong. :) One question: Is he reasonably happy during his awake times and just crabby when it’s time to lay down or when he wakes up? If so, I’d strongly suspect ears. Or not…or teeth…or who knows what. But you’ve probably thought of all that already. Could be a growth spurt, too, if he maybe want to eat more.

  4. It happens! Jacob is 2 and still has days where he doesn’t want to nap. Sometimes it can be over stimulation before nap or bedtime. It’s just another stage that can come and go. I wish there was a magical way to get through it quickly. We have great days where he sleep for 3 hours and then bad days where he cries for 30 minutes before giving in. If you can letting him cry it out will hopefully tech him that he can put himself back to sleep. You can check on him and if you know he is ok let him cry. It’s so hard to do though. We got a video moniter so we don’t always have to run in and see if he is ok. It made a huge difference. Your in my thoughts as you try to figure all this out. It’s just another part of parenting and there is no right or wrong way to handle it. We rocked Jacob to sleep until he was almost 1 and people thought that was too long but the transition to him putting himself to sleep after that was easy and he was a good napper and sleeper where once he was asleep he stayed alseep. Every baby is different and every day is different. You’ll get through this!

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