tuesday night: february 26th


it’s late, but i wanted to update you on my activities of late. (EDITED TO NOTE THAT I GOT TOO TIRED TO REALLY UPDATE YOU SO THAT WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW AT LEAST) with only 15 days to the craft fair (GASP!) i’m feeling SO OVERWHELMED right now. i have SO MUCH to do and SO LITTLE time. and to top it off, dave is still in "crazy mode" with work right now, which means my time to create my projects is limited to after davey goes to bed for the night. i can get the basics done between now and the start of the show, but my brain keeps coming up with all these other AWESOME ideas and i get SO EXCITED about them that i want to try to add more hours to my day so i can do them all!


okay. i’m rambling right now. today, my mother-in-law watched davey for a few hours and i was able to start and complete 7 frames to sell at the craft fair. what do you think?

i’m thinking i should be able to sell these for about $10 each. that’s the goal, anyway. right now i have 9 albums finished (well, 4 are 98% complete – just need to do the covers) and about 30 cards have been made (i want to have at least 100 for the start of the show) and the above 7 frames. 


so much more to say but far toooooo tired right now!

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