exciting news for TTB

 hey! guess what? in 2007, ttb (tam’s treasure box) actually turned a profit! yep! pretty cool. not much (income was under $300) but at least i (finally) made more than i spent. and in an attempt to FINALLY grow my business a bit, i’m going to participate in a Craft & Antique show this year! yep. my dear friend Sara decided to take the plunge and get a booth at the Lynden show in march. it’s a pretty big event and is pretty well attended. so last week when she was telling us about it, i told her i’d gladly split the booth costs with her if TTB could have some goodies for sale, too. and then she talked to our friend linda (who makes AWESOME diaper bags, purses, burp rags, bibs, etc. under the name "bella baby") and she’s going to join us as well. i have a feeling our booth will be PACKED with items since we all do such a variety of things, but OH. HOW. FUN! so now i just have to get busy making those baby albums, some cards and whatever else i can "stockpile" between now and the middle of march (in all my spare time, that is, from taking care of davey, my husband and our house, working my "grown up" job, my job at treasury, and all the other fun things i do)!


and in other news, here’s a fun "tidbit" from my morning yesterday…

in less than 90 minutes (9:30ish to 11ish), davey peed on me. so then he got a bath and i spot washed my new, never-before worn shirt. then he played in his exersaucer and pooped…. twice. then he did his biggest projectile vomit EVER. it like like a slow-motion scene from a cartoon. and as i was taking his exersaucer apart to clean out all the spit up, my fingernail bent backwards and i have a very nice bruise on my middle finger on my right hand. (which meant i was partially "flipping off" the ladies in my card classes and the brownie troop i taught yesterday)!


but i had a smile on my face through most of it (can’t say i smiled when i cleaned up the formula vomit or when i hurt my finger) and i had a pretty good (if not tiring) day at the store!

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