thursday: february 28th


 yep. engaged. no, not me (i’m already married, silly people)! jeff. jeef-man. jeffy. my "little" (though much taller) brother-in-law is engaged!


congratulations to jeff and taryn! they’re planning a wedding for 2009, so davey will be able to walk by then (won’t he be a DARLING ring bearer?). and even though she’s canadian, we still like her! :)


love you guys!


so we had a family celebration at our house last night (the actual "getting engaged event" occurred on tuesday night) – dinner with the four of us (and davey) and then dessert (rootbeer floats – a dunkin tradition – and girl scout thin mint cookie ice cream – YUMMMMM!) with dad & mom. and i didn’t work on one project. nothing for the craft fair and not my cards for tuesday card class next week. oops! hopefully davey will cooperate (i.e. a long nap) so i can get them done this morning!




6 thoughts on “engaged!

  1. Loved seeing the ring and the happy couple! Can’t wait to meet and welcome another gal to the family! You are loved already! and yes, Davey would make a cute ring bearer :-)

  2. This is exciting news and we are looking forward to welcoming Taryn to the Dunkin fam! Thanks for showing off Taryn and her ring. She and Jeff look like a perfect fit.

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