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thursday: february 28th


 yep. engaged. no, not me (i’m already married, silly people)! jeff. jeef-man. jeffy. my "little" (though much taller) brother-in-law is engaged!


congratulations to jeff and taryn! they’re planning a wedding for 2009, so davey will be able to walk by then (won’t he be a DARLING ring bearer?). and even though she’s canadian, we still like her! :)


love you guys!


so we had a family celebration at our house last night (the actual "getting engaged event" occurred on tuesday night) – dinner with the four of us (and davey) and then dessert (rootbeer floats – a dunkin tradition – and girl scout thin mint cookie ice cream – YUMMMMM!) with dad & mom. and i didn’t work on one project. nothing for the craft fair and not my cards for tuesday card class next week. oops! hopefully davey will cooperate (i.e. a long nap) so i can get them done this morning!





wednesday: february 27th 


dave, davey and i went for a walk on saturday… davey wasn’t ready to give up his "biter biscuit" even though those things make a BIG MESS, it sat on his bib for our entire ride… even after he fell asleep! (we sure are getting a lot of use out of that teddy bear suit)!



and davey has a new (fun) and tasty food to enjoy…. CHEERIOS! 


yes! we no longer experience the "hacking up a hairball" experience every time a cheerio is placed in his mouth! he seems to really enjoy these treats and they’re a really good distraction when i’m trying to get his food ready!


on monday we took a trip down to everett to meet the newest babies in our church family. the spoelstra boys were born on saturday, february 16th. they were five weeks early and their lungs weren’t fully functional yet, so they were air flighted from bellingham to everett shortly after they were born. just nine days later (this past monday), they were off all ivs, tubes, breathing apparatus, etc. little Lincoln and Ethan are doing well and are likely heading home soon. here’s a picture of Ethan (being fed) and Lincoln (with his eyes slightly open)



and after our fun adventure down south, davey got to hang out with grandpa and grandma (and mama) for a little while. cute bibs, huh? and davey seems to like his walker a bit more now that grandpa added a wooden board underneath so davey’s feet can reach the "floor." 



that’s all for today!


 tuesday night: february 26th


it’s late, but i wanted to update you on my activities of late. (EDITED TO NOTE THAT I GOT TOO TIRED TO REALLY UPDATE YOU SO THAT WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW AT LEAST) with only 15 days to the craft fair (GASP!) i’m feeling SO OVERWHELMED right now. i have SO MUCH to do and SO LITTLE time. and to top it off, dave is still in "crazy mode" with work right now, which means my time to create my projects is limited to after davey goes to bed for the night. i can get the basics done between now and the start of the show, but my brain keeps coming up with all these other AWESOME ideas and i get SO EXCITED about them that i want to try to add more hours to my day so i can do them all!


okay. i’m rambling right now. today, my mother-in-law watched davey for a few hours and i was able to start and complete 7 frames to sell at the craft fair. what do you think?

i’m thinking i should be able to sell these for about $10 each. that’s the goal, anyway. right now i have 9 albums finished (well, 4 are 98% complete – just need to do the covers) and about 30 cards have been made (i want to have at least 100 for the start of the show) and the above 7 frames. 


so much more to say but far toooooo tired right now!

not quite yet

sunday: february 24th 


so grandpa & grandma bought a walker for davey to have at their house. well, for all of the grandchildren, actually, but since davey is the only grandchild, we’ll call it "his!" his feet don’t quite reach the ground yet:


so we’ll see if he likes it more once he can actually use it to move around. for now, though, there seems to be something that bothers his leg, so he’s only happy in there for a short time. it’s definitely not his magic poopersaucer. oh how i wish it were! that magic poopersaucer entertains him quite well and gives my back a break (pun intended) from holding him!



biker dude

 saturday: february 23rd


the coolest (and cutest) little biker dude ever:



such a cute outfit – THANKS, NANA!


and yes, davey is FINALLY wearing 6-9 month clothing (and likely will be wearing some 6-12 soon, too)! more updates soon, i promise!


ADDED: guess what face he’s making right now? i’ll give you a hint…. he’s in the magic poopersaucer!

the face

 thursday: february 21


HAPPY THURSDAY!!! yeah for another sunny day here. hopefully we can get a walk into our schedule this afternoon. (yesterday was kinda cloudy so we ran some errands).


so you now know about the magic of davey’s poopersaucer. he also has an outfit that tends to be his "i’m going to poop out of my diaper today" outfit. (though he did wear it last night for a few hours and remained poop free!) but today, i thought i would share with  you a photo i managed to snag on wednesday…. 



 is davey’s poo face. notice the vacant look on his face? the watery eyes (that sometimes turn a little red, too)? he’s standing still. he’s silent.


yes, my friends. if you are ever holding or watching davey and you see that face, you know he’s working on a special surprise for you!


but since i can’t share with you ONLY that photo, here are two HAPPY photos of davey in his poopersaucer….. with poo still in his diaper.


as you can tell, it doesn’t bother him too much to have poo in his pants (unless it’s there for 5 or 10 minutes or longer and then he gets fussy)… i think it’s always such a relief to have it out!



more cute canvas



these were the valentine’s day presents for grandpa and grandma:


those little "blobs" on the green canvas under the quote are davey’s handprints. he wasn’t too cooperative, but dave and i managed to get MOST of his hand prints on there!


and my great big apologies for not taking a photo of nana’s valentine’s day gift before we sent it to her. it was a cute mini book full of photos of davey wearing clothing purchased by nana! and i think it’s the right size that she can fit it in her suitcase on her trip to kenya (less than a week until she leaves, i think)!

more sunshine

tuesday: february 19th


wow. it’s ANOTHER sunny day here. we went for a walk with carrilee & henry. just a short walk over to bender fields for a chance for henry to play at the little playground. and since i had bundled davey up to be nice and warm, we were able to SWING AND ride the SLIDE today…. SO FUN!!!



henry had fun helping davey swing. he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of "pushing" yet (he likes to push but walk/run with the swing so it tends to come back and hit him in the face and knock him over), but i think he’ll make a great big brother in july! i’ll let him continue to practice his "big brother skills" on davey!


we went down two slides together… this spiral one and a "tube" one. the tube one was freakin’ fast and a wee bit scary since it’s dark in there. i can’t remember the last time i was on a slide… i’m looking forward to years of sliding now!  :)



 see? i got him all bundled up in his little teddy bear "pram" suit today and it was PERFECT. i didn’t feel a need to keep him strapped in his stroller and covered with a blanket b/c he was warm enough in his bear suit.


all this fun and it’s only early afternoon! we may actually go for ANOTHER walk this afternoon! hey, when the sun is shining here in western WA in the winter, you HAVE to take advantage of it!


BONUS: here’s a photo of davey and daddy on our walk yesterday: 


(side note: even though i have zero photos of davey smiling today at the park, he DID enjoy it. he was pretty sleepy and he fell asleep for the walk home from the park.)


 monday: february 18th


just a lot of work going on in our house. dave is swamped until march 10th or so. and davey and i are doing what we can around the house to make life outside of work as easy for daddy as possible. it’s a tough time for us, but we seem to be pulling through. i did have an emotional break-down on friday night about it. but that was my weakest moment and i’m back to holding down the fort (though not in my own strength). i keep reminding myself that "this is a season" and we will be on the other side of this situation sooner rather than later. sometimes life is hard. really hard. and you have to work through it. but it’s through these difficult times that we show our true colors. do we rely on ourselves or on Christ? are we faithful in the small things? do we pray? do we practice what we preach? so we still covet your prayers. it’s gonna be a long couple of weeks.  


and on another topic, two new photos from late last week:

this is one of davey’s new bibs. i got tired of staining his material bibs orange (thanks to oh so yummy and messy sweet potatoes, squash and carrots). so i pulled out his plastic-backed bibs…. same thing: stained the front fabric. so we’re now loving all plastic bibs for mealtime (at least twice a day)… this one is HUGE but will be great when davey is able to eat other foods, especially those that generate a lot of crumbs… it’s got it’s own crumb-catcher – way better than the other plastic bibs with a plastic pocket that never really catches any of the food! thanks, taya, for sharing that these bibs really do work!  :)


speaking of food, davey is now eating FRUITS as well as veggies. and he’ll once again eat oatmeal, so his diet is getting some variety with the following foods:

rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, pears, bananas and peaches (we haven’t yet tried applesauce, prunes or peas)


he’s still not a fan of cheerios (when i feed him one, he likes to act like there’s a hair ball in his throat.he does the same "hair ball" hack when i feed him a sweet potato puff, too). he has eaten several goldfish crackers (cheddar flavor) and some animal crackers (from wally world – stauffers brand, i believe?). he does get to eat various parts and kinds of potatoes from mama & daddy’s plates, too, though we don’t eat potatoes a whole lot in our house (sorry – i’m just not really a fan!). 


what a fun adventure this "WORLD OF FOOD" has been thus far!


and i found a new winter hat for davey on clearance at Target ($1.24):

it’s supposed to be a 2T-5T size, so we’ll see if he can wear it next year or not. i love it, though. and i think he’s pretty happy with it. i know he’s lookin’ darn cute in it!  :)


we’ll hopefully take his 7-month photo (he turned 7 months old last friday the 15th) tomorrow and then i’ll post the picture with a list of "davey at 7 months." 

international adventure

 wednesday: february 13


here’s davey after waking up and eating:

he gets to hang out in bed with daddy & mama before he goes back to sleep in his own crib. (cute pjs, huh shelly? they’re gettin’ a little snug!)


today davey and i went on an international adventure with carrilee and henry. it was such a beautiful day that we had to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the 44+ degree weather! we started out with a trip to marine park in blaine where we played a little and ate lunch:



davey demonstrated his walking skills for carrilee & henry and henry was a good helper with davey. he (henry) said "UH OH!" pretty frequently… especially anytime davey’s binky was NOT in his mouth! he really enjoyed helping to put davey’s binky in his mouth. and hug him. kiss him. hold his hand. help him walk. yep. such a good little helper:



and when davey couldn’t walk fast enough for henry to continue to want to help, he pulled the wagon around:


after marine park, we drove to a nearby playground and then we walked over to the peace arch. and then we walked THROUGH the peace arch, which means we actually walked from the USA to Canada (and then back again):

(we’re in canada with the USA behind us).


so it was a very fun, full morning. and then when daddy came home from work, davey lit up like a christmas tree. happy. excited. and he couldn’t wait to love on daddy! they played with davey’s little learn ‘n drive toy (which is kind of obnoxious!) and we video taped davey laughing tonight. i love his little giggle!   :)



so today was davey’s first time out of the USA. thankfully we didn’t need passports or his birth certificate or anything. it’s kinda of fun to go to the peace arch border and "go into canada" without really going into canada, ya know? okay. maybe you don’t know. but it is. pretty cool. so if you ever come visit, we’ll take you there. so you can go to canada without really having to go to canada!  :)