tuesday: january 29th


 it’s official…. over the weekend, we felt davey’s first tooth. it’s really hard work to actually SEE it (it’s not all the way "up" yet – so no photos yet), because you have to keep his mouth open, move his tongue out of the way and work your way through slobber and usually some spit up, too, but it’s there. a tiny white sharp thing protruding from his bottom gum. at least now all his SLOBBERING and fussy eating is making SENSE!  :)  but thankfully, he’s been really good…. even with sleeping. 


and i’m off to the dentist for some fillings or something equally fun. ugh. oh well. at least i have some pretty snow to look at on my short drive there!


oh – and before i forget, last night, i made this fun new thing called "chilletti" for dinner. i planned an evening of spaghetti with meatballs (premade from costco), garlic bread and salad. i even remembered to take dave’s homemade spaghetti sauce out of the freezer to thaw a bit. added some store-bought jar sauce to dave’s sauce and added the meatballs to the whole concoction. heated the garlic bread. boiled the water for the angel hair pasta. fast forward about 20 minutes later…… as i was dishing up the spaghetti sauce, something didn’t seem quite right. i called dave into the kitchen to investigate. yep. sure enough i did it. instead of thawing dave’s spaghetti sauce (which we must have used), i thawed the chili he made for christmas eve dinner. added the jar sauce and meatballs to that and put it on top of his spaghetti. oh boy…. what a night! (no worries – we didn’t actually eat or even TASTE my "oops" meal…. i "washed off" the meatballs and put them in another put with more store-bought jar sauce and tried to "fix" the meal that way). it was just not my night in the kitchen! at least i didn’t jab myself in the hand with a knife while washing dishes like i did a few weeks ago (a big "THANKS AGAIN" to dad for rushing over to the house while i was dealing with that crisis).



One thought on “teething

  1. I can’t believe Davey has a tooth. Mary Kate is still waiting for one to appear in her little mouth. Yep. She’ll be 10 months old in less than a week and not a single tooth (she’s also only 16 pounds, so she’s a tiny, toothless squirt).

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