saturday: january 5th


so i’m FINALLY getting around to the TAG! game. i got tagged by Elizabeth AGES ago (almost two weeks now, i think) so my 5 random or little-known-facts had better be pretty good, right? so here are the rules: i got tagged by elizabeth. i have to post 5 things about myself and then tag some friends (i can’t remember if it’s 5 or 7) and then THEY have to post random facts about themselves on THEIR blog and tag 5 (or 7) of their friends. to "tag" people you post a comment on their blog. kinda fun, eh?


1. i was EXTREMELY SHY as a child. just ask my mom. or my brother. it’s true. i was a scaredy-cat to the extreme! pretty much the opposite of who i am today!

2. i got an "Unsatisfactory" grade in gym class one year (4th grade or 6th grade – i can’t remember which one). it’s because i would PURPOSEFULLY forget my change of clothing (i went to a private school and had to wear dresses or skirts to school, so we had to change for gym class even in elementary school). i HATED anything sports or athletic related. i am SO the OPPOSITE today!

3. i was a bookworm. we’d go to the library every saturday (even through the summer) and each week i would get 7 books. and read them all. and then return them the next saturday for new ones. (and we’re not talking childrens’ picture books, here, either).

4. my "first kiss" (sigh!) was the night before my 16th birthday (it was AT my 16th birthday party).

5. i have never broken a bone, though i have been to the ER countless times for sprained ankles (and once, as a child, for getting glass stuck up in my heel)!



and there you have it. 5 random and potentially little-known facts about me. and now to tag some friends……







so you five have been tagged! and i’m off to comment on your blogs to let you know!



3 thoughts on “TAG!

  1. I’ll see what I can come up with on the TAG. I LOVED my Davey time this morning at church. It feels SO GOOD to hug and squeeze and kiss my little “nephews”. I remember telling Carrilee when Henry was tiny that I couldn’t believe HOW MUCH I love these little guys. My heart just leapt today when I got to snuggle your sweet boy. You’d think he was flesh and blood. :) Thanks for letting me be part of his life.

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