wednesday: january 30th


it’s snowing today. off and on. small flakes. big flakes. LOTS of flakes! and it snowed yesterday early morning and again late last night. we’re borrowing a snow suit from henry so davey and i wanted to put it to use today – at least briefly. here’s a glimpse of our adventure in the snow in the front yard:



davey wasn’t too impressed with the snow. but he wasn’t unimpressed, either. just "neutral." but doesn’t he look SO CUTE all bundled up in his pjs then his little teddy bear "pram" suit and then the snow suit?!  what a doll!!


and TODAY should be a good mail day…. we should receive nana’s most recent clothing package (we can’t WAIT to see the black leather jacket she bought)!!!

4 thoughts on “snow

  1. That smiley pic of him leaning against the tree is ADORABLE! He kinda looks like the poor kid in The Christmas Story that can’t move in his snowsuit :) . I’m so glad you guys have enough snow that you can go out and play in it. We just get little teases here and there.

  2. I always wondered what was going on in my kids’ heads when I’d wrangle them into those puffy suits – in which, as Kelsey so accurately noted, they can’t move – then bring them out in the cold where all this white stuff is laying around. What the heck?! I think that “Whatever floats your boat, Mom” might be close. Glad you made it out before the rain! :)

  3. Looks like lots of fun. Zach’s dad made a sled for Isaac out of a clothes basket & a dog leash. I think Isaac would live outdoors, as long as Pap kept pulling him around in his sled. Maybe Davey will like it too.

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