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 friday: january 4th


i’ve been reading blogs belonging to my friends who have new babies. and i’ve been thinking about my 8 friends who are currently pregnant. and i thought i should update you on davey’s sleep habits. mainly b/c i have this REALLY CUTE photo of him sleeping… but also b/c many of you have prayed me through countless sleepless nights.


(this is davey "napping" at 8:20 p.m. last night. he’s covered up with his afghan from great-grandma dunkin. he had a slightly "rough" day at grandpa & grandma’s house – he was just out of sorts with his napping schedule, so he slept for about 30 minutes in my arms from 5-5:30 and then i headed home, put him in his crib and he slept for a LONG time. surprised the heck outta me! but back to the photo – i love that he "digs" his fingers into the holes in the blanket. for some reason, i find it really cute and a little bit funny!)


davey is currently sleeping about 10 hours a night (from 10 p.m.-ish to 8 a.m.-ish) with a few exceptions here and there. i love that i usually get at least 8, if not 9 hours of sleep a night. it really does make the next day so much EASIER to handle. his daily naps are still a struggle from time to time, though some of them are getting easier. and longer. he usually naps for at least 40 minutes at a time, though he’s been known to sleep for up to 3 hours at a time during the day (those really long naps are usually related to him having a cold). 


he’s eating rice cereal at night (loves it) before bed and earlier this week i added a daily feeding of some baby oatmeal to his diet (he also loves that). guess it’s time for me to head to the library and start reading up on making your own baby food… he’ll be eating that before i know it! anyone have any great (and EASY) recipes or book suggestions? i think i want to get a good food processor and some more ice cube trays so i can make his own food. 


tomorrow i’m going to have a game of TAG (thanks for your patience, Elizabeth!) here – be prepared to learn FIVE little-known things about me. and sarah and kels, i’ve been working on the contents of your PIF prize packages…. SO MUCH FUN!!!!   :)



3 thoughts on “sleeping update

  1. How awesome that Davey’s sleeping in long stretches at nite. Bet your body is trying to make up for lost (sleep) time! Yeah, some real sleep makes the day much better. Hooray for all of you!

  2. I loved the “Healthy Baby Meal Planner” by Annabell Karmel. I used a very small cuisinart food processor to make all of Markus’ baby food. I still bought Gerber for on the road, but when we were home everything he ate was homemade. I just processed in the food processor, popped it in ice cube trays and then froze the cubes in baggies. Super easy. I usually made his food after he went to bed at night. Since fresh produce is more expensive this time of year, I often bought frozen at Costco- cheaper and you can do bulk since you’re freezing it anyways. Frozen fruits/veggies have the same amount of nutrients as fresh, so you’re not skimping him out at all. Have fun!

  3. I made all of Isaac’s food from scratch (he hated anything store bought!) I would spend one day a week boiling veggies & putting them through the food processor. I just added water until it was a good consistency. This worked great for carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, squash, ground beef/chicken/turkey. I used no salt added canned peas & beans because I could never get a good consistency. I used no sugar added canned fruit. I also loved buying frozen veggies! I had better success with the plastic mini & regular cupcake pans (in the cake decorating aisle) because the food would slide right out. Plus they made nearly perfect 1 0z & 3 oz. portions. Once we went through a veggie or fruit without complications, we started mixing things together for variety, and when Isaac was old enough we’d add things like cheese or lentles for added nutrition. He did really well with it and we traveled no problem with small rubbermaid containers the size of pudding cups. Hope that helps some :)

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