six months today

 january 15th: tuesday


tomorrow davey has his 6th month appt, so we’ll get official stats and details then. but for now, here’s an update:


-eagerly eating rice cereal 

-has ceased liking baby oatmeal

-still eating 6 oz. at a time (mostly formula), 5 times a day

-very vocal

-sleeping through the night (usually about 10 hours a day)

-still spits up

-still loves to stand (and not interested in sitting)

-reaches for toys with both hands

-reaches for the facial features (nose, eyes) of those who hold him

-is very observant

-loves to watch the computer screen

-had his first day of constipation

-ready to roll over (back to tummy) any day now (though still not interested in rolling from tummy to back)

-loves to explore new things with his mouth

-VERY expressive with his eyes and mouth

-still has a pretty pensive look when he’s not sure what’s going on

-learning to take longer/better naps

-wearing size 3-6 month clothing

-STILL won’t usually look at the person who is holding him

-has tasted the following baby foods: carrots, green beans



 davey’s orange face after eating carrots.


the x-box remote… perfect size for davey! 


chewing on his sippy cup (he doesn’t quite know how to drink out of this yet)!

3 thoughts on “six months today

  1. Happy 6 month birthday Davey! Can you believe you are halfway to one year already, Tam? Wow. He looks adorable in these photos!

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