leaving… on a jet plane…

 thursday: january 10th



tom was baptized on sunday night. the whole family was there to support him and hear his testimony. let’s just say i wouldn’t be surprised if tom became a public speaker some day (preacher, evangelist, etc.). he’s got a way with words.


and he loves his little nephew. davey will give uncle tom some of the biggest smiles i’ve ever seen. and tom really can get davey jabbering up a storm. how does he do it?


on tuesday, tom left for Bible school in spain. for 3 months. and then a month of backpacking his way around europe. i’m jealous of his pending adventures. and in shock that it was over a DECADE ago that i was able to spend 10 days "backpacking" my way around europe. we’re really going to miss tom. and davey is going to grow so much while he’s gone. but i am so excited for this opportunity he has. i just hope he actually e-mails us to tell us all of his great stories! after all, dave and i have to live vicariously through him for now (we have no desire to travel with a little one yet)!


so tom’s first three months will be spent in an intensive Bible school program (Capernwray). he’s hoping to not only learn a lot about the Bible (he loves to talk theology) but also to learn what God has in store for his future. the "kid" is good at so many things. he’s an excellent music mixologist (as i call him). for Christmas, he wrote some (wordless) songs with one track for each member of the family. and each track really fit the energy and personality of the family member. without even knowing which track was playing, we could pretty much guess whose track it was. pretty cool. he’s a pretty artsy guy w/o being "weird" artsy. he’s got talent with painting, drawing, music and i don’t even know what else. i think it’s so exciting to know that in 3 or 4 months we’ll see a whole new tom. he’ll be the same, but totally different. and THAT, my friends, is cool.


oh yeah – and did i mention he turns 19 today?! yep. i love you tommy d – you’re one of the coolest "little brothers" ever!!



2 thoughts on “leaving… on a jet plane…

  1. isn’t it crazy how fast the time has flown? i talked to a guy at church yesterday and found out he was just in israel a month ago….and when i told him i spent a semester there i said, “yeah it was 10, no 11, oh my gosh! 12 yrs. ago!” i’m starting to feel really old at times! :)

  2. It’s fun to keep up with family happenings – way out there! We didn’t realize it was Tom’s birthday…wow, the ‘baby’ of the family is almost out of his teens with the new little guy is on his way to becoming a teenager!!! Well, a few more years! Love you guys!

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