cutie patootie

 wednesday: january 23rd


my davey is a cutie patootie… in case you didn’t already know that, i thought i would tell you!!  :)


here he is (on saturday), sitting up (by leaning against the corner of his pack ‘n play), reaching forward to play with his elephant! 


and here he is with grandpa on sunday…. watching football:

he just looks so "grown up" in his plaid, flannel shirt (thanks to sara for that!) with his arm bent and his elbow resting on grandpa’s shoulder.


and here’s a glimpse at the cover of my birthday gift from dave (the dunkins – 2007 – volume 6): 


and if you’ve never seen any of the other books i’ve received (usually for Christmas), here’s a glimpse at the cover of volume 5:


i LOVE these books. lots of photos. a little bit of "journaling." and all made by dave. gotta love iPhoto and apple – just choose a format and a font, plug in the photos, type the journaling and there you have it…. a custom book! so the new one gets displayed in our living room each year. last year’s is always moved to a shelf in our office for display. and all the previous years are lined up on a shelf like any other book… but don’t be confused… they’re not ANY other book! 

3 thoughts on “cutie patootie

  1. Cami and I were just talking the other day about what an awesome gift these books are. So cool! And meaningful. Sometime soon, I want to come over and look through them all…between holding and playing with Davey, of course! And about that boy…cutey patootie is right. Both pics of him are too, too cute. I totallly understand what you mean about him resting the elbow…doesn’t that just crack you up? Reminds me of a pic I have of Sean at about that age, sitting on his great-grandpa’s lap and resting his elbow on GG’s rather rotund “Santa” belly. Love it! Oh, and is it just me, or does Davey totally have your eyes? Noticed that on the cover of your new book.

  2. I just got my package in the mail. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every aspect of it. I’m so glad I won the contest. Thanks so much!

  3. davey is looking so stinkin cute. also, love that dave makes those books for you every year. such a great idea. i might have to steal it if that’s okay.

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