another year

saturday: january 19th


another year. another candle on the cake. yep. i’m one year older today. and i’m not excited about this birthday. weird. it’s not a mile-stone birthday age or anything like that. maybe i’m just tired. but happy birthday to me! actually, it was snowing this morning and that was pretty cool for God to give me snow for my birthday!


dave gave me my present last night – my "dunkin family volume 6" book that i didn’t get at Christmas. i love these books – a friend calls it dave’s version of a scrapbook. it makes me happy, that’s for sure!


here are some fun photos from this past week: 


 i had to make the bed around dave the other night. this was the easiest way to do it, though it sure made for a lumpy bed sheet!


i just had to capture a photo of davey wearing his "I love mommy" onesie. when he wears it and a big smile, i have to smile with him!


and here’s the BIG BOY sitting up on a chair all by himself. it still only lasts for a few seconds before he slides down or flops over, but it’s cute anyway:


and this morning the peanut got a bath. some days he splashes A LOT (i finally moved his bath from the kitchen to the upstairs tub b/c i was tired of wiping down the entire kitchen counter after his bath!) and other times (like today), there’s not much splashing going on. but he almost always (99% of the time) likes his baths!


and who can resist my cute little guy bundled up in his puppy dog towel?!  



tonight, dave and i are going out on a date. yep. it might be a double date (dinner and bowling) or it might be just us. either way, i’m looking forward to it. 

5 thoughts on “another year

  1. That’s funny because i felt the same way about my birthday too – pretty blah about the whole thing. I guess there is something in the air. Well, happy birthday my friend and have fun on your date tonight!

  2. Happy, happy birthday dear friend! I hope you enjoy your evening out tonight with your hubby and without that beautiful boy. I’m sorry you’re feeling kind of anticlimactic about your special day. I felt that way too this year. Mark kept asking me what I wanted and seriously, there was nothing I could come up with. So my gift to this day is still on hold until I come up with something good :) (I’m thinking new clothes after I lose the baby weight!). I love Davey in that striped shirt- Markus had a brown striped onesie that I used to put him in all the time because I love boys in stripes!

  3. Happy B-day, Tam. Been thinking of you all through the day. Glad you get a date! I’m not feeling that great today, so don’t know if I’ll see you at church tomorrow…your birthday hug might have to wait. :( Love you lots, Meg

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAM!!! You share the day with my FIL and BIL, as well as my good friends Jessi and Jodi Mae! Popular day!! AND it was Ellie’s 18 month birthday! So…. (here’s your song)


  5. Happy Birthday, Tam. Birthdays do seem to get less exciting as we keep getting older. I find that I have great excitement for my kids birthdays, but less for mine. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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