all about davey

 monday: january 28th


today is dave’s half birthday. which means yesterday was our half anniversary. but instead, this post is all about davey and some fun and cute photos from the weekend…. so here goes….


just playing with daddy:



a new church outfit from nana:


(and playing with a monkey from nana – this was sent before davey was born!)


being entertained by uncle jeff:


and finally, flying high with daddy!!!

One thought on “all about davey

  1. GREAT pics. Davey is a very blessed boy to have so much love in his life. :) On a lighter note: I have to admit that when I saw the first picture, my instantaneous thought was “Dave’s lucky that Davey didn’t choose that moment to spit!” Thanks for bringing our house a smile today! Hope there were lots around your house, too.

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