tuesday: december 18th


who has time to do anything these days? it’s 11:15 – i want to leave the house in 20 minutes (not gonna happen) to take davey to grandma’s for the day (i’m teaching at treasury). i feel like i’ve been going 100 miles a minute since getting up this morning… and i guess i have, though my "getting up" was a bit delayed this morning (around 9-ish).


so far i have: fed davey. changed two diapers (one very dirty). changed his clothes. pumped. showered, dressed and applied make-up. made a 1/2 batch of not-quite-right golden graham cereal bars and a batch of rice krispie treats. started a load of laundry and turned on the dryer (i always seem to forget that there’s a load in there)! printed the remainder of our Christmas cards (i used up all the black ink//toner in BOTH printers so our Christmas cards will NOT have our contact info on them). and i have loaded SOME stuff into the car.


today davey will hang out with grandma and grandpa (and maybe uncle tom if he’s not working) while dave is at work and i’m teaching at the store. i’m planning to stay at the store ALL DAY to work on christmas cards and a few final christmas gifts. whew. hopefully i’ll get most of it done. 


it’s been one of those weeks in our home (and it’s only tuesday morning!) and it doesn’t look like it’ll get any easier anytime soon. dave got home at 10-ish last night (he had to do some server stuff for gottathink/pogo zone after putting in his day at DIS). tonight he has to do MORE work on the servers (b/c last night went wrong… very wrong). and on thursday he’s the photographer at a wedding (i’ll be his assistant). i think we only have one thing going this weekend – a party on friday night (actually i’d better check on that – it may have been cancelled?). maybe we’ll finally get a christmas tree (seriously… we do not have one yet. totally sucks to be home all day during the christmas season without a christmas tree. and it’s davey’s first year)!


i’d love to post some photos (i took some fun ones yesterday) but i don’t have time right now. i’d better go check on the desserts i made (for my class attendees) and check on the laundry and finish loading the car and then wake up davey to take him to grandma’s house. 


whew. i’m tired just from typing all this stuff!  :)

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