the end of 2007

 monday: december 31st

the last day of the year. and what a year it’s been. such a wild ride. the last 5 months have flown by so fast it has made my head spin. my little, tiny baby is growing up right before my very eyes. he has more than doubled his birth weight. he’s added at least 8 inches to his length. he’s about to move into his 5th size of clothing. i was reading up on "foods" the other day. so much to remember – fruits, veggies, proteins, etc. hopefully our whole household will start eating more healthy once davey is eating more solids! i know that 2008 will only bring more surprises, laughter, joy, tears and sorrows. hopefully the love and laughter will outweigh all the rest. now let the journey begin….


davey, for whatever reason, likes to cross his legs at the ankles when he’s lying down and playing:


and his funny face that ALWAYS makes me laugh:

(front view):


and side view:


oh those cheeks! i just want to eat them… they’re so chubby and cute, especially when he pulls in his bottom lip like that! what funny faces you enjoy making, dearest davey!



5 thoughts on “the end of 2007

  1. he’s so adorable. i’m glad him and konnor got to hang out. i’m gonna post a pic of the two of them on my blog later. you’ll have to check it out. they’re so cute!

  2. Davey is sooooo CUTE. I’m so glad we got to see you and your family tonight. Happy New Years! Savannah can’t wait until Davey is just a little bigger so they can play. What contest…..sign me up to win. :)

  3. I’ve got a great tip that worked really well for when I started feeding Isaiah solids. Teach Davey from the very start to keep his hands down while you feed him. At first you have to hold them down for him but it doesn’t take long for him to figure out that he won’t get any food unless his hands are down. It’s a great way of teaching him self control and will keep him from grabbing the spoon and making a big mess.

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