sunday snow

 sunday: december 2nd


church was cancelled today. yep. it snowed all day yesterday. it stuck. but not in huge piles because we had a killer cold and strong WIND, too. so even though it snowed all day long, the wind blew and swirled the snow around. it was almost TOO cold for it to snow a lot. is that even possible?! but we got the call last night around 8 or 9 that church was cancelled for today. our parking lot often turns into an icy mess, so to save whatcom county from a lot of broken hips and dented vehicles, we cancel for safety’s sake. 


and now, when we would be sitting in sunday school, the snow is STILL falling. something in the weather changed. not sure what. but now it’s big fluffy (and little fluffy) snowflakes. about an hour ago we had an inch or so. now we think there’s about 2 inches out there. it’s beautiful. i love "soft" snowflakes (if that makes any sense). yesterday’s flakes were more like ice drops… but it wasn’t sleet – it was definitely snow. 


not sure i can handle another day "stuck" in the house. we might try to journey to the grandparents’ house just to get out. or maybe venture our way into bellingham to run a few errands (like get davey some socks from old navy and get dave’s iPhone checked out). 


speaking of davey. he’s really outgrowing his 0-3 month clothing (now that he’s 4.5 months old!) and he’s been talking up a storm these days. he’s still a generally HAPPY kid with lots and lots of big, gummy grins for mama and daddy. his hair is finally growing in and filling out. he STILL hates being on his tummy so he has NO INTEREST in rolling over. he’s a mover and a shaker (wiggler), for sure… he’s rarely still. and he still prefers to STAND instead of sit. he’s been working pretty hard at laughing these days. he’s been laughing for awhile but he seems to be working on making it a longer "string" of laughter. i think it’s just a matter of time until this house is filled with the sound of his voice. 


and i sincerely apologize for having no new photos for you today. i’ll work on it – i honestly will try!

One thought on “sunday snow

  1. A couple comments for you… 1. Yes it CAN get too cold to snow. I didn’t know that until we moved to MT! 2. Way to go Davey for outgrowing the 0-3 clothes!! Ellie didn’t do that until she was 7 months old…. So he’s doing good!! Yay!

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