wednesday: december 5th


what a stinker. davey’s been a VERY DIFFICULT child since about 4 o’clock today (it’s now 9:41 p.m.). i’m not sure why, but he’s been so challenging. he’s so tired, but won’t sleep. he’s hungry but cries the whole time he eats. i’ve already put him in his crib TWICE b/c i was so frustrated. i called dave home "early" from a meeting (not work-related) this evening b/c i just couldn’t deal with davey any more. so for the past almost two hours davey has been with daddy. and daddy has had a horrific headache since before coming home from work tonight. i guess it’s just one of those nights where none of us is happy. those are the most difficult times.


hey – anyone wanna babysit the little stinker on friday night? i can’t seem to find anyone and we’re supposed to go out to dinner and the local high school play (we got free tickets) with two other couples but we might have to cancel b/c i can’t find a sitter. ugh. so frustrating. 


sorry. i’m venting. i’m tired. i’m cranky. i’m frustrated. hopefully tomorrow will be a MUCH BETTER day.


4 thoughts on “stinker

  1. I can sympathize with having days like that! Unfortunately, those days may become more frequent as he gets older, but for slightly different reasons! Once they can talk and decide to assert their independence, it’s a whole new challenge all over again! I just keep reminding myself that the blessing of having a great kid definitely outweighs those challenging moments, and someday you can look back on those days with a smile and wish they were still so little!

  2. I know those days… hang in there, friend. I’m praying right now that today is a completely different day for you and Davey. Praise God that you have a husband who would leave something to come home and give you a break! As for Friday night, do you want o bing him down here? We are already babysitting for a 5 month old- the more the merrier :) . Have you tried Auntie Sandi yet?

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