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 saturday: December 29th



no new photos, sorry. but today was a great day. i started it by meeting my dear, preggo friend, Kelsey, at my favorite store in the entire world (Treasury of Memories)! actually, i started my day with driving RIGHT UP to my choice of the gas pumps as Costco AND running into the store to get formula and getting out of the store less than 5 minutes later! seriously, around here, that NEVER happens at costco!


so after spending about an hour at the store with kels, we both headed out. i came home to a napping child and a working husband. i got busy myself and finished hanging my new message board center (a christmas present from my mom). then i started cleaning up my scrap space and that dreaded mess of a bonus room. that room and the guest room are disasters currently. i can’t wait until we have a garage sale or just give everything to ARC or the Goodwill. i just want all that crap out of my house! but back on track… i barely started cleaning the bonus room (craft area) when buster woke up from a pretty short nap. he was cranky so i fed him, played with him and got him pretty content to play on his own. then i hit cleaning mode. i picked up, put away, re-arranged and re-organized… and pretty much finished up my craft area (until we get our new cabinets up there). davey went down for a nap (while i was still cleaning) and i got started on more of the bonus room. i put away all the Christmas wrapping paper and cleaned off the bed in that room (it was covered with junk). all-in-all, i spent over 3 hours cleaning out part of that one room. but it was worth it.


i was able to sit down and make a 2008 calendar for us while davey took a THREE HOUR nap! yep. he needed the sleep… he’d been so cranky earlier. i still have a lot of cleaning to do in the bonus room, the guest room and our home office (heck, even our living room is a bit chaotic still) but one room at a time is my motto. and with my craft stuff all put away and organized, now i can FIND stuff so i can actually MAKE stuff when it’s needed. now THAT is exciting!


and davey is about 90-95% improved from his horrific Christmas Cold (complete with fever). the little guy has bounced back tremendously well. just a small cough remains. now, if only he would stop waking up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning……    :)


and since my craft room is now clean and i can find and make goodies, i think it’s time to hold up my end of the PIF bargain. my dear friend Elizabeth ( javascript:void(0);/*1198982740360*/ ) had a PAY IT FORWARD game on her blog and i won (yippee!) and got some cute scrappin’ goodies in the mail this past week. and the PIF part means that now I get to host a contest, so everyone who COMMENTS on THIS post between now and midnight on Monday (the last day of the year), will get a chance to win a fun little package (in the mail) from me! there will be TWO winners. yes. TWO. and each package will be made specifically for the winners (so if a grandparent wins, there will be photos of davey included, for sure. if a scrappin’ friend wins, there will be scrap goodies, etc.). 


SO GET COMMENTING! (winners will be chosen at random). 


coming soon, my "TAG" post and more photos of davey (since that’s what my mom INSISTS on seeing when she checks my blog). oh  yeah, which reminds me…. mom, my RED on Christmas Day was in my HAIR!!! yep. red highlights. and i love ‘em!!  :)

9 thoughts on “saturday & a PIF

  1. I don’t know what was in the air today – I was in cleaning mode too. I think this is the first time ever that I took all the Christmas stuff down, dusted vacuumed, put all the regular decor back up, and put the Christmas boxes away all in one day. Granted, I don’t have tons of Christmas decorations, and I do have kids to dismantle and undecorate things, but it felt GREAT. Got it all done in time to sit and watch the Patriots game IN ITS ENTIRETY. Yep, I watched every single play. Yeah Pats!!!! Cami’s quartet of football buddies (3 guys, 1 gal) came over and we all enjoyed the game together. Glad to hear you had a productive day, too, and that Davey is feeling better. Bet it was fun hanging with Kels. Take care, Meg

  2. OK, I’m excited for another contest. And this one I don’t have to be creative, I just have to leave a comment. Woo hoo! I am also feeling the need to get reorganized after Christmas. We’re sending the boys to my parents for a couple of hours on New Years Day so we can get our Christmas trees down and ornaments and decorations put away. I’m looking forward to normal life again!

  3. Thanks for coming tonight! Great to see Davey and you of course…congrats on the cleaning. I have been getting in that mode these days too…I think it’s because the New Year is right around the corner. A year full of new hope and possibilities…very exciting!

    XO, Amy :)

  4. It’s nice to see you posting even more often. I need to keep up with it. Now I am feeling better and Jacob is on his way to getting there. We was us at 10:30 two nights ago and screamed for 1 hour! It was horrible. Especially since he’s has been going to sleep so easily lately. Davey is growing up so fast. I can’t wait to check your other posts for pictures. Talk to you later. I hope you have a great new years eve and day!

  5. I was so great to see you n Saturday! I’m thankful you were able to have such a productive day. Our entire house is an absolute hurricane right now… and I am on the computer :) . Gotta get to it, I guess. Your cleaning tales have motivated me! MIss you!

  6. I’m so glad we were able to see you & Davey when we were back. It was fun to catch up. We flew back late last night so i’m just now getting into the cleaning mode. I think spring cleaning is coming early to our house this year. Such a great feeling when it’s all done. Happy New Year!

  7. I haven’t seen you guys in awhile it seems. It’s been crazy busy! I hear you already have plans tonight…bummer! Hope you had a great Christmas! Have a great New Years Eve and Day! :) Hope to see you soon! Love, me

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