one more day

 only ONE MORE DAY until davey’s first Christmas. he looks excited, don’t you think?!



(don’t ya just love his little onesie?)


tonight we’ll have dave’s chili and something else yummy for dinner at dad & mom’s house. i think the whole family will be there. even sterling’s parents plan to join us (i think)! fun, fun, fun! then we’ll come home, dave and i will each open a present (maybe?) and then in the morning we’ll do our own breakfast (Lisa’s Cinnamon Delights this year) and gifts and then we’ll head over to dad & mom’s for the Christmas story, more gifts, the Hershey Kiss Hunt, our big Christmas meal and (hopefully) some relaxing moments with the family!

7 thoughts on “one more day

  1. Merry Christmas! I hope Davey enjoys all his gifts! Cherish every moment of the day, before you know it, his first christmas is over! I’m sure it will be great and every day of the next years to come will be awesome. Each day I enjoy Jacob more and more. I didn’t think that was at all possible but it is. We love you and hope you have a wonderful day with family!

  2. Happy First Christmas, Davey! BTW,you were an ADORABLE baby Jesus yesterday. :) Tell Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Tom and Uncle Sterling that it won’t be tooooo long before they can buy you Lego for Christmas (it’s one of the best parts about opening gifts with boys!). And then after that, they’ll be able to buy you awesome foot pedals for your electric guitar and you can rock out the house on Christmas morning with an “Iron Man” serenade. (Maybe, just maybe we have some experience with these things!). My kids’ first Christmases seem like a LONG TIME AGO! You’re at the beginning of such good times and good memories. Enjoy!

  3. Merry Christmas Dave, Tam & Davey! I’m hoping to drop by sometime this week to see you & catch up. You did a wonderful job Davey on Sunday. You are a true star. Blessings!

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