much better

 thursday: december 6th



(i love these photos. not sure if i ever posted them – they’re from 2 or 3 weeks ago. i LOVE seeing the string of drool in that first photo… too cute)!

thank you, dear friends and family, for your encouraging words, prayers and offers to babysit! unfortunately, no one nearby offered to watch baby davey, but we did find a wonderful friend (THANK YOU, TRISHA) to watch him tomorrow night, so date night is on! i love trisha. she loves davey. and she has the honor to be the first non-family member to watch davey!


speaking of davey, he did better today than last night, though he still got VERY fussy this afternoon. i tried feeding him (he was so hungry) but he wouldn’t latch on. then he wouldn’t drink from a bottle. after about an hour of crying and half-hearted bottle eating, he had a very LARGE poo and was pretty happy after that. so i tried to feed him more of the bottle when he got fussy again. i finally put him in his crib and after 5 minutes of crying he was silent. guess he was really tired after that big poo!!!  poor little guy. after a 30-minute nap, though, he woke up and, once again, didn’t want to eat. so i held him and he slept for another 75 minutes. yep. he was a sleepy boy today – guess the onesie he wore was appropriate for the day (green & white striped with "sleepyhead" in green fuzzy letters). right now, he’s sleeping in his carseat.. i’ll wake him up and "top him off" pretty soon. he’s been doing really well at night lately – most nights he sleeps from 9-12 hours. i LOVE that! he wakes up sometime between 8 and 9 a.m. and that means that i get a good night’s sleep!


today we got two more packages from nana. there’s some CUTE clothing in there that i have to wash (guess i’m doing another load of laundry tomorrow). i’m also hoping to mail out some packages (not Christmas related) tomorrow – (ellen, stacey, renee and tracy… be on the look out). and please be advised that it’s a HUGE deal to go to the post office here in lynden. granted, i haven’t seen "red beard" in a long time, but he’s a scary and MEAN guy who works at the post office. he TERRIFIED me when i first moved here. i actually felt BETTER when i found out he made a friend of mine CRY. yeah. so for me to go to the lynden post office is a big deal. i’ve been spoiled with the bellingham post office people for the last few years.


finally, i also want to de-clutter my living and dining room… there’s stuff EVERYWHERE that needs to be put away. i actually VACUUMED yesterday. now, hopefully i can put away all the stuff. and maybe vacuum upstairs?


okay. enough random-ness. hopefully my life will get a little more exciting and i’ll start taking photos again soon. 

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