it has begun

 saturday: december 1st.


the season has begun. already. i haven’t purchased one gift yet (seriously, not even one). i haven’t made our christmas cards yet (yep. not yet.). i haven’t even written our Christmas card letter yet. or taken the photo. but the season has begun none-the-less. i am (apparently) NOT at all prepared for this holiday season. but yesterday, while it was still NOVEMBER, we received (GASP!) our first Christmas card. yes. i’m serious. AND it was a HAND MADE Christmas card. yep. Liz (from Montana), you are TOOOOOOO organized this year. kudos to you. and i guess i should now get my rear in gear!  :)  


edited to add: it’s snowing again!

One thought on “it has begun

  1. Tee Hee!! I’m a little late on the commenting, but I’m glad you got the card! I left on Dec 1 to go to TX for 2 weeks (just got home!) so I had to get my cards out before I left… It really wasn’t to put any pressure on you – I promise!! =D

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