christmas recap

 thursday: december 27th


wow. sorry for not posting over the last few days. we had a wonderful Christmas with dave’s family. the only downer of the festivities was poor little davey’s cold. he got hit pretty hard. had his most fussy spell EVER on Christmas Eve while we were at grandpa & grandma’s – i think it took dave and i at least an hour to get davey to calm down. he just cried and cried and cried. then on Christmas Day he slept through most of the activities, including opening presents at home, opening presents at grandpa & grandma’s with the rest of the family, dinner, the hershey kiss hunt and so much more. he was awake, however, for the reading of the Christmas story, so at least he got some Biblical truth. 


while we were disappointed that we (and the rest of the family) couldn’t spend more time with little davey on Christmas day, we are thankful for a wonderful holiday. we ate a lot. laughed a lot. watched LOTS of presents get opened. and i can’t even remember what else. davey made quite the haul, i assure you. his highlights (in no particular order): a tigger doorway jump-up, a rocking caterpillar (instead of horse), his exersaucer, penguin bowling, the cutest lamb blanket i’ve ever seen (my mom made it), a little bear sleeper to wear over his clothing in his stroller when we go for walks on cold, cold days, a sock monkey (which he LOVED), some books, a song written just for him by uncle tom (musical only – no words) and many, many other wonderful things. my highlights: a gorgeous diamond necklace, tall black boots, new pjs and other great stuff. dave’s highlights: new camera flash (aka: a monolight), headset (for his cell phone), a work coat and gloves, a grill light and other cool things.


dave took off work on monday and wednesday, so today is the first day in a long time that it’s been just davey and i at home. after dave left for work, i looked at davey and said "well buster, what are we going to do today? i forget what our routine used to be!" and i still feel that way. there’s always a bit of a let-down when the holidays are over, and today is NO exception for me. i am thankful, however, that davey seems to be feeling better. his fever is (hopefully) gone. he was awake for 2 hours today before napping again (he was only awake for 45-60 minutes before napping again while he was sick). and i think his throat, while still a bit sore, isn’t as bad as it was a few days ago. at least, that’s what i’m hoping (‘cuz his doctor’s office is closed all this week)!


i’ll have to post more photos of davey’s first Christmas soon, but i want to get a shower while he’s napping, so i’d best get going! hopefully this family photo will satisfy you until i can get some more photos uploaded!

3 thoughts on “christmas recap

  1. Glad Davey’s feeling better, hope you are too. Thanks for sharing the family pic. Was it weird to think how much your life has changed since last Christmas?! Sounds like, despite Davey’s meltdown, you had a lovely holiday. Best wishes on getting back into a routine. :) Love you all.

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