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 friday: december 28th


okay. i’m going to get in trouble with my mom if i don’t post more photos of davey. since he was pretty sick we didn’t take too many photos on Christmas eve or Christmas day, so i didn’t have too many to choose from, so my apologies for the less-than-stellar photos:


davey’s first Christmas tree:



Davey’s stocking (that i finally completed the day before Christmas):


Santa Baby in his exersaucer (for a few short minutes):


Davey and his sock monkey (from great-granma):



And Davey enjoying his tigger jumping seat. The cutest part of this seat is there’s a tigger tail in the back!



Yesterday I had MAJOR after-holiday blues. I had a few moments of almost crying. It was weird – I’ve never had that experience before. It was a hard adjustment to have Dave go back to work after having him around for a few days. Thankfully our dear friends, the Blacks, stopped by to say "hi" and they saved my sanity (or at least some puffy eyes)!


Today we’re going to visit grandpa & grandma for awhile (grandpa is taking TWO WEEKS off!). It’s about time I get out of this house! I still don’t want to run a bunch of errands, though, ‘cuz Davey’s still a little sick. He’s got a cough and a little bit of a sore throat and runny nose still, but compared to how he was a few days ago, he is vastly improved!


And coming soon: a thank-you, a PIF game and a "tag" game!

2 thoughts on “christmas photos

  1. looks like davey got some pretty cool gifts. konnor has the exact same exersaucer. isn’t it great? can you believe how quickly their growing up? next thing we know tyheir going to be crawling! glad you had a great xmas even mr. davey was sick. hope he’s feeling better.

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