“business time”

thursday: december 20


today dave and i will play "photographer & assistant." yep. dave is putting his photography skills to the test again and will be photographing a wedding. he’s nervous. and worried. i know he’ll do great, though. he just feels rusty. out of practice. and perhaps a bit too stressed with all that’s going on in the rest of his life (his side job is really stressful right now). i’m not the greatest assistant, but i’m going to try my best to do what he needs me to do and to be there through it all. a big THANK YOU to carrilee for agreeing to watch davey for us during this adventure!


and totally unrelated to photography: in case you haven’t seen this you tube video yet, here ya go!(E – this is the video i was talking about at our TOM girl Christmas party – check it out!) make sure you turn up the volume and are prepared to laugh!











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