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the end of 2007

 monday: december 31st

the last day of the year. and what a year it’s been. such a wild ride. the last 5 months have flown by so fast it has made my head spin. my little, tiny baby is growing up right before my very eyes. he has more than doubled his birth weight. he’s added at least 8 inches to his length. he’s about to move into his 5th size of clothing. i was reading up on "foods" the other day. so much to remember – fruits, veggies, proteins, etc. hopefully our whole household will start eating more healthy once davey is eating more solids! i know that 2008 will only bring more surprises, laughter, joy, tears and sorrows. hopefully the love and laughter will outweigh all the rest. now let the journey begin….


davey, for whatever reason, likes to cross his legs at the ankles when he’s lying down and playing:


and his funny face that ALWAYS makes me laugh:

(front view):


and side view:


oh those cheeks! i just want to eat them… they’re so chubby and cute, especially when he pulls in his bottom lip like that! what funny faces you enjoy making, dearest davey!



sunday best

 sunday: december 30th


from davey: 

today mama dressed me in my cute overalls outfit from my nana. everyone said i looked really cute. i even wore my "sunday" bib from grandpa & grandma, though mama took it off for the photos. i’m learning how to sit up (as long as i can lean against a couch or chair, i’m pretty okay, though i still topple over).



and mama FINALLY remembered to take my 5-month photo with her elephant, so here i am:

mama and daddy can’t believe how big i’m getting! 



and a few quick words from mama:

here’s a look at my new "message board center" that i got for Christmas:

so fun, eh? yep. i think it’ll work really well in our house, especially a few years down the road when we’ve got several kids involved in all kinds of activities! 



saturday & a PIF

 saturday: December 29th



no new photos, sorry. but today was a great day. i started it by meeting my dear, preggo friend, Kelsey, at my favorite store in the entire world (Treasury of Memories)! actually, i started my day with driving RIGHT UP to my choice of the gas pumps as Costco AND running into the store to get formula and getting out of the store less than 5 minutes later! seriously, around here, that NEVER happens at costco!


so after spending about an hour at the store with kels, we both headed out. i came home to a napping child and a working husband. i got busy myself and finished hanging my new message board center (a christmas present from my mom). then i started cleaning up my scrap space and that dreaded mess of a bonus room. that room and the guest room are disasters currently. i can’t wait until we have a garage sale or just give everything to ARC or the Goodwill. i just want all that crap out of my house! but back on track… i barely started cleaning the bonus room (craft area) when buster woke up from a pretty short nap. he was cranky so i fed him, played with him and got him pretty content to play on his own. then i hit cleaning mode. i picked up, put away, re-arranged and re-organized… and pretty much finished up my craft area (until we get our new cabinets up there). davey went down for a nap (while i was still cleaning) and i got started on more of the bonus room. i put away all the Christmas wrapping paper and cleaned off the bed in that room (it was covered with junk). all-in-all, i spent over 3 hours cleaning out part of that one room. but it was worth it.


i was able to sit down and make a 2008 calendar for us while davey took a THREE HOUR nap! yep. he needed the sleep… he’d been so cranky earlier. i still have a lot of cleaning to do in the bonus room, the guest room and our home office (heck, even our living room is a bit chaotic still) but one room at a time is my motto. and with my craft stuff all put away and organized, now i can FIND stuff so i can actually MAKE stuff when it’s needed. now THAT is exciting!


and davey is about 90-95% improved from his horrific Christmas Cold (complete with fever). the little guy has bounced back tremendously well. just a small cough remains. now, if only he would stop waking up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning……    :)


and since my craft room is now clean and i can find and make goodies, i think it’s time to hold up my end of the PIF bargain. my dear friend Elizabeth ( javascript:void(0);/*1198982740360*/ ) had a PAY IT FORWARD game on her blog and i won (yippee!) and got some cute scrappin’ goodies in the mail this past week. and the PIF part means that now I get to host a contest, so everyone who COMMENTS on THIS post between now and midnight on Monday (the last day of the year), will get a chance to win a fun little package (in the mail) from me! there will be TWO winners. yes. TWO. and each package will be made specifically for the winners (so if a grandparent wins, there will be photos of davey included, for sure. if a scrappin’ friend wins, there will be scrap goodies, etc.). 


SO GET COMMENTING! (winners will be chosen at random). 


coming soon, my "TAG" post and more photos of davey (since that’s what my mom INSISTS on seeing when she checks my blog). oh  yeah, which reminds me…. mom, my RED on Christmas Day was in my HAIR!!! yep. red highlights. and i love ‘em!!  :)

christmas photos

 friday: december 28th


okay. i’m going to get in trouble with my mom if i don’t post more photos of davey. since he was pretty sick we didn’t take too many photos on Christmas eve or Christmas day, so i didn’t have too many to choose from, so my apologies for the less-than-stellar photos:


davey’s first Christmas tree:



Davey’s stocking (that i finally completed the day before Christmas):


Santa Baby in his exersaucer (for a few short minutes):


Davey and his sock monkey (from great-granma):



And Davey enjoying his tigger jumping seat. The cutest part of this seat is there’s a tigger tail in the back!



Yesterday I had MAJOR after-holiday blues. I had a few moments of almost crying. It was weird – I’ve never had that experience before. It was a hard adjustment to have Dave go back to work after having him around for a few days. Thankfully our dear friends, the Blacks, stopped by to say "hi" and they saved my sanity (or at least some puffy eyes)!


Today we’re going to visit grandpa & grandma for awhile (grandpa is taking TWO WEEKS off!). It’s about time I get out of this house! I still don’t want to run a bunch of errands, though, ‘cuz Davey’s still a little sick. He’s got a cough and a little bit of a sore throat and runny nose still, but compared to how he was a few days ago, he is vastly improved!


And coming soon: a thank-you, a PIF game and a "tag" game!

christmas recap

 thursday: december 27th


wow. sorry for not posting over the last few days. we had a wonderful Christmas with dave’s family. the only downer of the festivities was poor little davey’s cold. he got hit pretty hard. had his most fussy spell EVER on Christmas Eve while we were at grandpa & grandma’s – i think it took dave and i at least an hour to get davey to calm down. he just cried and cried and cried. then on Christmas Day he slept through most of the activities, including opening presents at home, opening presents at grandpa & grandma’s with the rest of the family, dinner, the hershey kiss hunt and so much more. he was awake, however, for the reading of the Christmas story, so at least he got some Biblical truth. 


while we were disappointed that we (and the rest of the family) couldn’t spend more time with little davey on Christmas day, we are thankful for a wonderful holiday. we ate a lot. laughed a lot. watched LOTS of presents get opened. and i can’t even remember what else. davey made quite the haul, i assure you. his highlights (in no particular order): a tigger doorway jump-up, a rocking caterpillar (instead of horse), his exersaucer, penguin bowling, the cutest lamb blanket i’ve ever seen (my mom made it), a little bear sleeper to wear over his clothing in his stroller when we go for walks on cold, cold days, a sock monkey (which he LOVED), some books, a song written just for him by uncle tom (musical only – no words) and many, many other wonderful things. my highlights: a gorgeous diamond necklace, tall black boots, new pjs and other great stuff. dave’s highlights: new camera flash (aka: a monolight), headset (for his cell phone), a work coat and gloves, a grill light and other cool things.


dave took off work on monday and wednesday, so today is the first day in a long time that it’s been just davey and i at home. after dave left for work, i looked at davey and said "well buster, what are we going to do today? i forget what our routine used to be!" and i still feel that way. there’s always a bit of a let-down when the holidays are over, and today is NO exception for me. i am thankful, however, that davey seems to be feeling better. his fever is (hopefully) gone. he was awake for 2 hours today before napping again (he was only awake for 45-60 minutes before napping again while he was sick). and i think his throat, while still a bit sore, isn’t as bad as it was a few days ago. at least, that’s what i’m hoping (‘cuz his doctor’s office is closed all this week)!


i’ll have to post more photos of davey’s first Christmas soon, but i want to get a shower while he’s napping, so i’d best get going! hopefully this family photo will satisfy you until i can get some more photos uploaded!

one more day

 only ONE MORE DAY until davey’s first Christmas. he looks excited, don’t you think?!



(don’t ya just love his little onesie?)


tonight we’ll have dave’s chili and something else yummy for dinner at dad & mom’s house. i think the whole family will be there. even sterling’s parents plan to join us (i think)! fun, fun, fun! then we’ll come home, dave and i will each open a present (maybe?) and then in the morning we’ll do our own breakfast (Lisa’s Cinnamon Delights this year) and gifts and then we’ll head over to dad & mom’s for the Christmas story, more gifts, the Hershey Kiss Hunt, our big Christmas meal and (hopefully) some relaxing moments with the family!

baby jevey

 sunday: december 23rd


only TWO MORE DAYS until davey’s first Christmas! yesterday we got our tree (finally) and davey helped pick it out from a little greenhouse here in town.

doesn’t he look SOOOOO CUTE in his jeans, jean jacket and little "beanie" hat? (and notice the red in my hair?) after getting our tree, we went to rite aid to get me some cold medicine that i can take since davey still gets some "white liquid gold." my usual cold medicine, apparently, it not conducive to pregnant or nursing mothers. 


last night dave and i decorated the tree and the house. i organized the already-wrapped gifts and put them under the tree. all the while, davey slept. poor kid. he and i are both sick and i’m not sure which one of us gave it to the other. what a horrible time of year to be sick, too!


then this morning, our church had their annual Christmas Cantada (with dad, the music pastor), leading it all. davey even got a part this year – he was baby Jesus on stage for a song or two and then he was baby Jesus in an "after the service" live nativity scene. (hence, the title of this post: "Baby Jevey" – a combination of Baby Jesus and Baby Davey).


he did pretty well, though he missed some naptimes to participate! it’s been an interesting adventure for me, b/c i was pretty hopeful that he would sleep through both events. but the real baby Jesus was a baby just like all others (only without sin). so i’m sure he cried and fussed and didn’t sleep when he was supposed to. it’s been pretty "wild" for my mind to begin to comprehend how HELPLESS the Son of God made Himself when He became human. He became flesh… a BABY. an innocent, helpless baby. just like my davey (only my davey definitely has a sin nature!). the real Jesus still cried when he was hungry and wet. he still needed love, attention, holding and care. he needed food and clothing and shelter. what a sacrifice.


and even last year, when i was newly pregnant with baby Seven, i often wondered what went through Mary’s mind when she was pregnant with the Son of God. i wonder if it felt surreal to her. did she enjoy being kicked in the middle of the night? did she welcome morning sickness? did she even have morning sickness or any other "typical" pregnant maladies? i think i’d like to have a nice, long conversation with her in heaven… to ask her how she felt when she was pregnant and then later as she raised her little boy. God’s Own Son. 


even now, my mind is stretched thin trying to comprehend it all.

remote love

Friday: December 21 


finally mailed. yep. all out-of-state christmas cards were mailed yesterday. all in-state ones were mailed today. whew. what a relief to have that finished. it was quite a project this year!


the wedding yesterday went pretty well, i think. john and cathy were an easy couple to work with and their wedding was so special (second marriage for each of them) that even I cried – and i don’t even know them! john has two kids and cathy has one, so as part of the ceremony, not only did they tell their "own" children they still love them, but they did a "parental pledge" to their future stepchild(ren) promising to love them, listen to them, care for them, and treat them as their own. it was pretty emotional (in a good way). 


and to top it all off, when i picked up davey from carrilee’s house, he was happily playing in an exersaucer as henry tried to push and spin him around the room. it appeared as though the two were having a blast!


when davey and i got home, davey was sleeping in his seat, but just an hour or so later, davey and daddy got to play together. davey’s newest interests relate to the tv remote and the telephone. must be the buttons or something, but davey is really interested in them!


hey daddy – what’s that you’ve got? something for me?


mmmm. it tastes pretty good. 


but daddy, i want it back. why did you take it from me? i need to study it.


yes, daddy. i like to study things with my mouth!


seriously daddy. can i PUH-LEASE have it back? it makes me so excited!


victory for me! now i can study this thing on my own!


we weighed and measured davey the other night. he weighed in at 14 pounds 4 ounces and he measured just under 26 inches. that means he grew an inch and a half in a month! yep. that’s a crazy-lot of growing to do in just one month!


tonight we have an "adults only" christmas party. i forgot to track down a babysitter and grandma already watched davey twice this week for me… but i did call to ask her again. so tonight, grandpa came to the rescue… he has offered to watch baby davey! yippee! hopefully davey will be on his best behavior tonight!  :)


i’m not feeling 100% tonight. someone (not sure who) shared their cold with me, but since this is our last party before Christmas, i want to go. i’m still debating whether or not i’ll take some cold medicine (who wants to be blowing their nose all night at a party?). oh – and did i mention that Davey will be Baby Jesus on Sunday morning during the 2nd service? Yep. During the service and during a "live nativity" afterwards. i must admit, I’m excited for davey to play Jesus… and I think it’ll be interesting to see an ACTIVE baby Jesus rather than a sleeping baby Jesus for a change!  :)


and one more thing… yesterday…. i got my hair cut and foiled. Red. Yep. My hair is still brown but it now has lots and lots of red in it. I LOVE it. great work, Brandi! and i had about 3 inches cut off the overall length, plus it got thinned out again and angled and I had Brandi cut some (GASP!) long bangs. Granted, I’m not wearing them as bangs; I’m wearing them pushed back as though I’ve got bangs in the "growing out" phase – I just like the way it looks. Tons of compliments already. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share soon!

“business time”

thursday: december 20


today dave and i will play "photographer & assistant." yep. dave is putting his photography skills to the test again and will be photographing a wedding. he’s nervous. and worried. i know he’ll do great, though. he just feels rusty. out of practice. and perhaps a bit too stressed with all that’s going on in the rest of his life (his side job is really stressful right now). i’m not the greatest assistant, but i’m going to try my best to do what he needs me to do and to be there through it all. a big THANK YOU to carrilee for agreeing to watch davey for us during this adventure!


and totally unrelated to photography: in case you haven’t seen this you tube video yet, here ya go!(E – this is the video i was talking about at our TOM girl Christmas party – check it out!) make sure you turn up the volume and are prepared to laugh!











new photos

 wednesday: december 19th


here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: new photos of davey!!!


here’s my smiley little guy on monday (waiting for daddy to come home and play):



davey spent quite a lot of time on monday in this "back bend" shape. he does it to himself. it cracks me up. and he’s just so darn flexible!



here’s what i call davey’s basketball coach outfit. they’re warm up pants (that LOOK like they "zip off" into shorts, but they don’t really) with blue stripes on the side, a long-sleeve white onesie and then a short-sleeve polo shirt with a basketball on it! i think he looks like such a little man in this outfit!


on monday night davey TOTALLY entertained me with FUNNY faces. i was only able to capture one on film, and here it is:



and here’s proof that he only hates tummy time MOST of the time but not ALL of the time:



christmas cards were started, but not completed, yesterday between my classes. i’m hoping to get the out of state ones mailed on thursday (big dreams, i know) and the in-state ones mailed on friday. we’ll see how it goes!  :)  


i think davey and i will stick around the house today… trying to get things accomplished and tidied up and stuff. then thursday is a crazy day and then it’s the weekend before Christmas. WOW. that came up F-A-S-T!


and before i forget (AGAIN), nana, the photos are NOT deceiving you – his hair IS growing in and filling in. i’ll have to spike and faux-hawk it again soon (maybe for christmas)!