friday: november 16


who gave me this cold? achy body. sore throat. no energy. a little bit of insomnia. this bites.


davey & i are both un-bathed and wearing sweats today. hope you all feel better than i do! at least davey is (thus far) being a sleeping angel today (after being a "minimal nap" monster yesterday)!!!!

One thought on “ugh

  1. Enjoyed the pics from the last few days. Love Davey’s chubby tummy in his Google onesie! :) I think back to the days when Cami was that age (I LOVED 4 months with all my kids, by the way), and the time has gone by so fast. As I write this, I’ve had 8 extra teenagers through my house today. The six that are left here with Cami will probably be laughing, talking, snacking and movie-watching long after I’m ready to sleep, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve loved how each age, from Davey’s all the way up through Cami’s, has had its own pleasures. You have a fantastic journey ahead of you. Love you all, and hope you’re feeling better soon.

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