friday: november 30th


happy final day of november to all! where has this year gone? i’m so far behind on my Christmas cards this year… i’ve gotta get crackin’!


last night i put davey into a johnny jump up (or whatever they’re called these days). we’re currently borrowing this one from a friend, but i think davey is getting one for christmas (only 25 days until we find out)! so far, when introducing davey to a new toy or activity center item, he’s been pretty interested for all of about 5 minutes. he needs to warm up to things (except for the baby bjorn – which we’re ALSO borrowing – he LOVED that from the start). but the johnny jump up… he seems to really like it. he was in it for 15 or 20 minutes today, happy as could be. he even tried jumping…. it was so cute! what can i say? my kid is active. he likes to be upright. and he LOVES to use his legs (he much prefers standing to sitting). hopefully he’ll grow to love this even more and it will provide us with hours (?) of bliss! (i sure got a nice shower this morning while he was "jumping!"

3 thoughts on “jumping

  1. Yeah, Davey! He’s discovered one of the great secrets of babyhood – the johnny jump-up (or, like you said, whatever it’s called). Cami positively despised the thing. In very girlie fashion, she’d venture one toe onto the floor, on which she would promptly spin like a ballerina, which produced sheer panic as she spun (what to her seemed wildly out of control). No hours or moments of bliss for her! But then there was Sean. He was about Davey’s age when I first put him in this fascinating contraption and our kitchen doorway would never be the same again! Once he got used to it, he became an absolute wild man! Swinging, jumping, ricocheting off of the doorframes and giggling all the while. It was a sad, sad day when Sean outgrew the jumper. Nate liked it too, but not as much as Sean. Ahhh, good memories!

  2. Alex LOVED her jumperoo (that’s what hers was called!)–it’s the freestanding one instead of the one that attaches to a door frame, but the concept is the same. She would bounce and bounce in that thing for what seemed like forever–it had 3 or 4 height settings so we just kept adjusting it as she grew. We definitely got our money’s worth out of that contraption! I’m glad to hear Davey enjoys it–I figure it’s a good work-out too!

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