four months

 thursday: november 15th



(did i mention that davey and i were google twins on monday? and wednesday we both wore our camo pants? yeah. monday was "planned" but wednesday was not)!


today, davey is 4 months old. i honestly can’t believe that it was four months ago that i went to the hospital, expecting to be sent home but instead i was admitted and told i would go home with a baby. 


these four months have been a wild roller coaster ride. in many ways it’s been a LONG four months. and in many ways it’s been a very short four months. i have a feeling that this is how the rest of my life will feel, eh?


so here’s my update on davey at four months:

*still wears almost entirely 0-3 month clothing

*so chubby he has DIMPLES in his elbows, cute & full cheeks and chunky thighs

*sleeps through the night 

*down to 4 or 5 feedings a day

*over 12 pounds (his 4-month appointment is on monday so we’ll know more then)

*he likes to "bat" at his toys and sometimes he’ll hold on to them

*has a BIG BIG BIG smile and he uses it all day long

*he still LOVES to stand up (with assistance)

*has a strong neck and is only a "bobble head" when he’s tired

*rubs his eyes when he’s tired

*his feet reach the end of his car seat 

*still likes his binky but also knows how to spit it out when he doesn’t want it (he can actually spit it out of his mouth)

*still spits up almost every time he eats

*has started drooling (is this a sign of teething?!)

*still looks like daddy (but definitely has mama’s eyes and toes!)

*stretches every time he wakes up (and it’s darn cute!)

*likes to try putting his fist in his mouth (he gets that skill from mama)

*holds onto things (esp. bib, blanket or shirt) and THEN tries to put his fist in his mouth (which results in wet clothing and a frustrated baby)

*provides the "deer caught in the headlights" look every time the camera and video camera come out

*likes to lie on his back and kick kick kick like crazy

*somehow can kick and wiggle himself out of his miracle blanket at night

*loved by so many

2 thoughts on “four months

  1. It does go by fast! Alex still gives me the deer in the headlights look every time I try to take a picture–unless someone distracts her and gets her to smile! She never became a ham for the camera–maybe some day!

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