croppin’ craziness

 saturday: november 3rd: 9:53 p.m.


warning: NO PHOTOS in this post (i apologize).


my 27 hour crop was FABULOUS! i only slept for about 5 hours, but am feeling pretty good. i pumped 4 times (kinda weird to be pumping in a CHURCH, though this was NOT my first time doing so)! i made 16 layouts (18 pages total because 2 of them were two-page spreads – photos to be posted here soon) AND i taught 2 classes (which got me "free admission" to the crop) and i made new friends and (for the first time – i’ve been to this crop 3 or 4 times now) i WALKED AROUND and TALKED TO OTHER PEOPLE! wild, i know. i ate TOO MUCH good food. i had an absolute BLAST. and i missed my boys like crazy!


dave did drive all the way into bellingham this afternoon JUST so i could see and hold my sweet baby. I LOVE DAVE for doing that for me. 


and tonight we get an "extra hour." it won’t likely be an extra hour of actual SLEEP for me, but at extra hour will be wonderful. and dave doesn’t have worship team tomorrow, which means i’ll have HELP getting davey ready for sunday school and church…. maybe we can finally make it to sunday school on time!  :)  


now i have to go wash a bunch of bottles, make our bed, fold the laundry, make our bed, carry all my stuff up to my craft space…. yep…. my "me only time" is over!  

One thought on “croppin’ craziness

  1. Oh, you seem very diligent about making your bed :) Good job at the crop! My final tally – 3 pages and taught two classes. I was only 15 pages shy of you.

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