big boy

 wednesday: november 28


so here’s a photo of my big boy.


seriously. he just looks huge. when i laid him on the floor on this blanket, i almost cried. i called dave in from the other room and told him to check it out. davey looks like a "big boy" football player in this photo. i think it’s the shirt. well, maybe the jeans too, but definitely the shirt (which i picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents this fall). he looks DARLING in this outfit, but he definitely doesn’t look like a baby!


for those who asked: dave fed davey some snow (which was all melted by the morning, for those of you who live far away!) and davey wasn’t too interested in it. when i try to give davey water, he’s not a fan of that, either. but we have let davey taste some other foods on our fingers (or from spoons) – like gravy, mint chocolate chip ice cream, orange crush, and i’m sure i let him taste some root beer at some point. it’s funny to watch his face when we offer him these things. we have the "okay" from the doctor to try rice cereal at this point. i’ve hesitated b/c i really don’t want to deal with EVEN SMELLIER diapers (is that even possible? this kid has STINKY poo!).


off to learn how to make some fast and easy chicken and dumplings for dinner – wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “big boy

  1. It’s crazy how all of a sudden they look older, isn’t it?! Every so often I still call Ellie my “baby” and then I look at her and realize she isn’t a baby any more. It’s bittersweet. Davey’s so cute, by the way! I can’t wait to meet him…

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