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 friday: november 30th


happy final day of november to all! where has this year gone? i’m so far behind on my Christmas cards this year… i’ve gotta get crackin’!


last night i put davey into a johnny jump up (or whatever they’re called these days). we’re currently borrowing this one from a friend, but i think davey is getting one for christmas (only 25 days until we find out)! so far, when introducing davey to a new toy or activity center item, he’s been pretty interested for all of about 5 minutes. he needs to warm up to things (except for the baby bjorn – which we’re ALSO borrowing – he LOVED that from the start). but the johnny jump up… he seems to really like it. he was in it for 15 or 20 minutes today, happy as could be. he even tried jumping…. it was so cute! what can i say? my kid is active. he likes to be upright. and he LOVES to use his legs (he much prefers standing to sitting). hopefully he’ll grow to love this even more and it will provide us with hours (?) of bliss! (i sure got a nice shower this morning while he was "jumping!"

big boy

 wednesday: november 28


so here’s a photo of my big boy.


seriously. he just looks huge. when i laid him on the floor on this blanket, i almost cried. i called dave in from the other room and told him to check it out. davey looks like a "big boy" football player in this photo. i think it’s the shirt. well, maybe the jeans too, but definitely the shirt (which i picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents this fall). he looks DARLING in this outfit, but he definitely doesn’t look like a baby!


for those who asked: dave fed davey some snow (which was all melted by the morning, for those of you who live far away!) and davey wasn’t too interested in it. when i try to give davey water, he’s not a fan of that, either. but we have let davey taste some other foods on our fingers (or from spoons) – like gravy, mint chocolate chip ice cream, orange crush, and i’m sure i let him taste some root beer at some point. it’s funny to watch his face when we offer him these things. we have the "okay" from the doctor to try rice cereal at this point. i’ve hesitated b/c i really don’t want to deal with EVEN SMELLIER diapers (is that even possible? this kid has STINKY poo!).


off to learn how to make some fast and easy chicken and dumplings for dinner – wish me luck!


first snow

 monday: november 26, 2007


dave walked in the door tonight after davey had been asleep in my arms for about 90 minutes. dave said "did you look outside?" so i did.


SNOW. yep. s-n-o-w. our first of the season. and davey’s first ever. 


after eating dinner, we went outside for a few short minutes to take a few photos and some video. here are two shots:




and now i have to run b/c as cute as he looks in pictures, he’s pitching a fit right now (i had to put him in his crib, alone in his room b/c he’s out of control)… so i should go and see if we can get him to calm down!


happy winter!

four day weekend

 saturday: november 24th


dave is SO HAPPY he has a four day weekend. he’s been a TREMENDOUS help around the house this week and i’ve FULLY appreciated it. 


we had a wonderful thanksgiving feast at the OTHER dunkin home here in lynden. all of dave’s siblings were in attendance (jeff’s girlfriend was there, too) and granma was able to join us, so it was a full house. davey had a really ROUGH morning that day…. SUPER fussy. but he eventually took a short nap at grandpa & grandma’s house before we ate and then he took two nice long naps (on mama) after we ate. 


so here’s our group photo before we all went our separate ways:

here’s davey eyeing my almost empty plate. i did put a touch of gravy on a fingertip and left him lick it. not sure i should be doing that but is there really a lot of harm in it? he just wants to be a big boy eating big boy food like everyone else!



and while sterling, taryn (eventually jeff joined them – after his nap), rachel and dad played chess, davey took a nap on mama!



sterling is ruthless. he was eyeing taryn’s pieces from the start of the game. and taryn, for someone who claims to never have played chess before, BEAT sterling! granted, she had help from everyone (even sterling) but still, rachel was SO EXCITED that sterling finally LOST at chess! so it was a good day at the dunkin homestead!


and last night we had some friends over for dinner (the baileys, the barons and the dycks) along with their children. so 8 adults. 4 kids. and eventually emma joined us, too (auntie bree ann was hanging out with emma most of the night). we had grilled pizza (yummy pizza dough, made from scratch, and grilled and then the pizza gets grilled… OH SOOOOO GOOD), caesar salad, lots of beverages (including a very wide variety) and tasty chocolate pie for dessert (thanks, everyone, for chipping in with all those "additions" to the meal)! we ended up trying a mini photo session of the boys (kids) and here are two of my favorite photos:

this is jaden and davey. they are 6 weeks apart. they are SOOOOO CUTE!


and here are the four boys together: jaden, davey, joshua and henry (in age order, even)!

i love that jaden and davey haven’t really got a clue what’s going on. i love that joshua is NOT happy sitting next to henry. i love that henry is giving joshua a hug and joshua wants NO part of it. i LOVE these boys. and their moms. and their dads are pretty cool, too. we are SO BLESSED to have wonderful friends. 

doctor’s appointment



The Dunkin household has SO MUCH to be thankful for this year… and of course Davey is right there at the top of our "we are thankful" list.


 davey went to the doctor on monday for his 4-month well-baby check. 

 he’s weighing in at 13 pounds, 1.5 ounces and he’s 24.25 inches long.



this means he has progressed from being in the 5th percentile (at his 2-month well-baby check) to the 10th percentile… so even though he spits up a lot (ugh) he’s getting what he needs to grow and work his way up the charts! i also think it’s impressive to realize that just 4 months ago he wasn’t even ON the charts!


Have a blessed thanksgiving day, everyone!

sunday projects


so while davey was sleeping on sunday, here are the projects i was able to work on:


here are some close ups of those frames:


i painted the frames. added rub-ons (the white polka dots) and red vinyl words. i think they need something more, but i’m going to live with them for awhile before adding anything to them.


then i started another project (that’s still in the "unfinished" stage). it’s the letters for davey’s name. i’m not sure where i’ll hang them (likely over his closet, i suppose) but i’m glad i’m finally getting them painted!



you may remember that a few weeks ago i posted that i hadn’t hung the valance in davey’s room yet… about an hour after publishing that post i went up to davey’s room and hung the valance but i had to do a little "tweaking" to it on sunday to get it to hang right. so here’s his cute window now:


and finally, here are the five frames in my hallway that hold scrapbook pages (three of them were finally hung on sunday)! the first two photos are of the same three frames, just from two angles so you can see the layouts (barely). for me, it’s a fun and inspiring walk down the hallway to my craft room!



so that’s the latest on projects by tam (not including all the fun cards i’ve been making for the store lately)!!   :)

new davey

 monday: november 19th


so four months ago, this is what my son looked like (this was his hospital photo):


and this weekend, he looked like this:



davey is really getting into playing with his toys these days, especially if they are hanging from the handle of his car seat. it’s not unusual these days to find him asleep in his car seat with his hand hanging onto one of his toys!


and tonight, he decided my fingers were a tasty snack. weird, i know. i let him suck on them, though, so i could feel around for some teeth (he’s been drooling like crazy), but i didn’t feel any (though that doesn’t mean he’s not working on some)! 


and in that third photo, davey’s holding up his head pretty well. he still doesn’t like "tummy time" but at least i was able to prop him up on his chunky elbows and that helped him chill out for a little while. his buddy konnor can roll over, so davey needs to "keep up!"


this is davey dressed up in some of his sonics attire from cousin roy. the matching pants, unfortunately, don’t fit him (davey’s feet are too long!) and i forgot to put the hat on his head, but he looks pretty happy to be a sonics fan, eh? too bad the sonics aren’t doing very well so far this season!


on sunday our friends were invited us to their house for lunch after church. yummy BBQ beef sandwiches, the seahawks (football) game, dave’s parents and tom were also there. davey was a good baby. he was asleep when we arrived. he STAYED ASLEEP while i ate and then he ate pretty well (aka: he wasn’t a total spit-up piggy) and then he coo’ed and played and and was generally a great joy to have in attendance. he fell asleep after we got home and slept for over 2 hours and after having his binky re-inserted, he slept for another hour or so. dave was able to do some work and call a college buddy for a "catch up" phone call. and i was able to PLAY in my craft area and FINISH an entire project. cool, huh?


and as gross as this next photo is, i wanted to have PROOF on here that davey DOES spit up on me (not just on daddy, as he sometimes thinks):

this is part of davey’s breakfast from one day last week. nice, huh? this is my world!

november layouts

 i FINALLY took some photos (not-so-great ones and for that, i apologize) of most of my layouts that i made at the 27-hour crop a few weekends ago. some of them still need journaling (i’m trying to find my brown sharpie… it’s in hiding!):

 3 generations of david c dunkins: (gotta get great-grandpa out here from ohio for the full FOUR generations photo):


me at 32 weeks:



jeff & dave’s family birthday celebration:



brant & trisha’s party after "bubba’s" 20 week ultrasound: (bubba was eventually named "joshua" and he is now 9 months old)



a father’s love:



home at last (davey with his two visiting nurses):



meeting jaden lane at the hospital:


(notice the photo of davey  on p2 – he’s stuck in the hallway on the floor in his car seat carrier b/c non-siblings are not allowed in the hospital room with the mom and new baby… davey was NOT a happy camper – i guess he didn’t want to wait to meet jaden!)


our first photos as parents: (i guess we look a little tired, but otherwise the same!)



the WRX… all shiny & clean. (those area real mirrors on the page!)



davey’s stroller: (before he was "davey") 



my friend and former colleague summer (and her skull floor mats to match her skull hitch):



and last (but not least), tommy d’s senior photos (taken by dave this time LAST  year):


that third photo is a "close up" of the bottom photo on the 2nd page of the layout – it’s a little book to show some of his other photos from that "photography session."


i did make a few other layouts at the crop, but i now have FIVE frames that hang in the upstairs hallway. each frame holds a 12×12 layout and i can change them out as i make a new layout that i feel should be displayed for awhile. three layouts from the weekend are currently framed and hanging in my hallway and the glass created too much glare to make a halfway decent photo to post here. 


 friday: november 16


who gave me this cold? achy body. sore throat. no energy. a little bit of insomnia. this bites.


davey & i are both un-bathed and wearing sweats today. hope you all feel better than i do! at least davey is (thus far) being a sleeping angel today (after being a "minimal nap" monster yesterday)!!!!

four months

 thursday: november 15th



(did i mention that davey and i were google twins on monday? and wednesday we both wore our camo pants? yeah. monday was "planned" but wednesday was not)!


today, davey is 4 months old. i honestly can’t believe that it was four months ago that i went to the hospital, expecting to be sent home but instead i was admitted and told i would go home with a baby. 


these four months have been a wild roller coaster ride. in many ways it’s been a LONG four months. and in many ways it’s been a very short four months. i have a feeling that this is how the rest of my life will feel, eh?


so here’s my update on davey at four months:

*still wears almost entirely 0-3 month clothing

*so chubby he has DIMPLES in his elbows, cute & full cheeks and chunky thighs

*sleeps through the night 

*down to 4 or 5 feedings a day

*over 12 pounds (his 4-month appointment is on monday so we’ll know more then)

*he likes to "bat" at his toys and sometimes he’ll hold on to them

*has a BIG BIG BIG smile and he uses it all day long

*he still LOVES to stand up (with assistance)

*has a strong neck and is only a "bobble head" when he’s tired

*rubs his eyes when he’s tired

*his feet reach the end of his car seat 

*still likes his binky but also knows how to spit it out when he doesn’t want it (he can actually spit it out of his mouth)

*still spits up almost every time he eats

*has started drooling (is this a sign of teething?!)

*still looks like daddy (but definitely has mama’s eyes and toes!)

*stretches every time he wakes up (and it’s darn cute!)

*likes to try putting his fist in his mouth (he gets that skill from mama)

*holds onto things (esp. bib, blanket or shirt) and THEN tries to put his fist in his mouth (which results in wet clothing and a frustrated baby)

*provides the "deer caught in the headlights" look every time the camera and video camera come out

*likes to lie on his back and kick kick kick like crazy

*somehow can kick and wiggle himself out of his miracle blanket at night

*loved by so many