personalized blanket

 thursday: october 4

when nana was out here a week or so ago, she hand delivered some fun presents from some friends back east, including this SUPER SOFT, baby blue blanket that was personalized for my davey: 

as you can see, Kristy (the giver of the beautiful blanket), Davey loves it! 


Davey’s latest things (who can wait 2 more weeks until he turns 3 months?):

*he knows his mind and he wants what he wants when he wants it

*he doesn’t always want to be held and cuddled anymore; he is often times happier lying on the floor or in his car seat or in his boppy

*he’s got some SERIOUS flexibility; he can arch his back into a full back bend

*he likes to smile and sometimes laugh at his daddy’s hair

*he loves to kick and wiggle

*he’s beginning to "engage" with toys


and for those of you wondering about his sleep habits…. not so great these days. two nights ago dave and i agreed to "back off" on the sleeping through the night issue for now. we were both getting LESS sleep b/c he was waking up every hour until his binky was put in his mouth. i’m not sure if it’s the change in the weather or if he’s going through another growth spurt, but he doesn’t like to pull anymore 7-hour shifts between nighttime feedings (he was doing that pretty consistently for about 2-3 weeks)… now he’s really hungry after about 4 or 5 hours. our new hope is that during this growth spurt (if that’s what it is) he’ll go 5 hours between feedings for at least two 5-hour stretches (in a row). i’m so eager to get him sleeping through the night, but i also realize that it will be on his time (he’s got a stubborn streak – where does he get it?)!  :)


and on another note, i got a call earlier this week from the beautiful (and now married) Miss Carly from the store. seems i’ll return to my teaching career (card-making classes) on tuesday, so grandma will be watching the wee one. oops – i hear him crying… off i go!

3 thoughts on “personalized blanket

  1. Pictures of my friends’ babies always keep a smile on my face. Today’s pic of Davey – that look on his face – it just makes me happy. Thanks for keeping the pictures coming. :) Love you all, Meg

  2. Davey looks so much older all of a sudden! He’s such a cutie! And I hear you on the sleep thing. Olivia had been sleeping all night until recently and now she’s waking up at 4 or 5 and STAYING awake. Ugh! There must be something in the air screwing up the babies’ sleep.

  3. he’s getting so big and soooo cute!! it’s amazing how TINY he was just not too long ago…. :)

    try not to stress too much on the sleep thing, although i know how much you want him sleeping through the night. it very well could be a growth spurt. he’s already proved he can do it, so he’ll do it again! seriously, i remember how JUST when you finally have him all figured out…. something will change! He’ll go through a growth spurt, he’ll teethe…. it’s stinky, but he won’t do it forever. keeping him “thriving” is most important, and he’s just a hungry boy right now! he’ll soon get into a somewhat regular schedule.

    hope you’re enjoying mommyhood!!! you’re doing a great job!!! :)

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