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 tuesday: october 16th


Yesterday I forgot to mention that mr. chubby chunk is also exploring the world with his hands and his mouth these days. often times, the hands will wind up in/around his mouth, which makes for hands covered in slobber, but it’s so darn cute! He also rubs his eyes before and after naptime (or at night and in the morning), he LOVES to stretch when waking up from a nap. He knows faces and voices and he still smiles at his daddy’s hair (gotta LOVE that afro!). He’s even more alert than he used to be (I wasn’t sure that was possible) and he can follow (with his eyes) a toy that is held in front of him… he seems to have great eye sight. His weight (on a home scale) is 11.4 pounds and he’s about 23 or 24 inches long… he’s really growing up before my very eyes!


last night he fell asleep in his car seat after pulling his binky out of his mouth…. if you look closely, you can see the binky in his hands!


this morning he was really fussy when i was trying to get ready. i was convinced he needed to fall asleep, but he kept fighting it. i finally put him in his boppy on the bathroom counter (i was right there the ENTIRE time) so he could look at the bathroom vanity lights. within 2 minutes, this is what he looked like:


when a mama has a lot of things to carry downstairs in the morning, including a sleeping baby, what’s the best way to do it all at once? in a laundry basket, of course! and davey loved the ride!


4 thoughts on “fatty mc fat-fat

  1. Love these pics. When Markus could sit up on his own, I would often put him in the laundry basket with toys while I took a shower/got ready. He stayed entertained and he couldn’t push the toys out of his reach. It was great until he got old enough where he started to push himself up against the sides… and those baskets aren’t the sturdiest of things. Catch my drift?

  2. he is getting so big – what a cutie! i’ve been nannying for a friend from church whose baby came 2 mos. early back in april and he’s so chunky now you would never guess he was a preemie! looks like you guys are keeping busy. oh and i loved the announcement – it’s still on our entertainment center – the pics are so great. :) miss you!

  3. Gotta love that baby belly! Good call on the boppy on the bathroom counter – from the looks of the picture, mama obviously knew best. Isn’t it great when you get to know these little tricks that work with your baby?! You’re doing good, mom!

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