catching up on monday

 monday: october 15th


by 10 a.m. today, davey had gone from his pjs, to a cute outfit (pants and a onesie) and then on to another outfit (he pooped – a lot). additionally, by noon,  he had worn 5 bibs. yes. FIVE. my kid is a spitter. not as bad as he used to be, but a spitter none-the-less. 


davey turned 3 months old today. he is such a BIG boy! he can hold his head up for a long time on his own. he can stand up on the strength of his legs (when he wants to, which is pretty often) with us just holding him under his armpits. he can do a complete backbend (we’re not sure WHY he arches his back so often – he’s only stretching half the time he does it. the other times, he’s fussing during his feedings). he doesn’t spit up as often or as much (though he did spit up his ENTIRE bottle ALL OVER daddy this weekend). he’s beginning to OUTGROW his 0 to 3 month clothing (once again, so sad) so i’m rapidly trying to get him to wear everything at least once and my favorite items at least twice! he smiles all the time now, and he’s beginning to "coo" and tell us stories a lot more often these days. he’s sleeping pretty well. he’s filling out (one of my new nicknames for him is "fatty mc fat-fat). he’s "pooping out" of his diapers a little more often these days (we had a really good blow out today at play group). he still loves to snuggle and cuddle. he snores a lot when he’s napping. it’s really cute until he gets too loud when we’re trying to watch tv!  :)   he weighs around 11.4 pounds (we bought a scale – finally – on saturday).


LAST NIGHT (sunday night), he ate at 9:45 p.m. and then didn’t wake up until 6:06 a.m. THAT’s MY GROWING BABY BOY! i actually got 7 hours of un-interrupted sleep (11 p.m. to 6 a.m.). i’m not naieve (sp?) enough to think that will happen again tonight, but a mom can dream, can’t she? 


and updates on the rest of us: i had an appt. at the eye doctor last week. apparently, i’m at high risk for glaucoma (sp?) so they did some "extra testing" on me and it turns out that i just have fewer nerve endings (?) on my optic nerve. so for the rest of my life, they’ll just watch my eye sight closely and try treating me right away if i have any further symptoms. additionally, i have eye allergies. the doctor wasn’t sure if it was dust or pollen or mold, but i do have eye allergies so i can call them for some prescription eye drops if i ever feel the need. pretty crazy to be told stuff like that. i had no idea. the good news, however, from my appointment: my prescription hasn’t changed. same glasses are fine. new contacts of the same prescription are also fine. whew! glad to know i’m not going more blind! after the eye appointment (on friday), we had lunch with daddy and then went shopping (at the mall) all afternoon. i found some GREAT deals and bought some new shirts for myself AND for dave. davey, on the other hand, only got ONE new item – a cute onesie at old navy that i couldn’t resist (and it was on clearance). by the time we got home, dave was only a few minutes behind us, so we had some good family time. 


on saturday, dave gave davey a bath (see him in his CUTE robe?). davey opted to get TWO baths because he peed in the first tub of bath water. he also opted to pee on our rug in the kitchen. this, of course, happened about one week after i washed the runner (after going over a year without it being washed)! while this was going on, i took a shower and then cleaned out a portion of our master bedroom closet. i pulled out clothing we no longer wear. i made piles. i refolded and re-organized some of our shelves of clothing. ahhh… that always makes me feel good. (i might try to "tackle" the kitchen cabinets this week)! then we went into bellingham to buy a rolling "kitchen island" (very small) at walmart – ugh. such an AWFUL store to visit on saturdays. and we got home and got ready to put it together and there’s a broken piece of wood. so i have to take it back. YUCK. what a PAIN! but after walmart, we went to my office to pick up all my boxes of stuff (mikkel was kind enough to pack it all up for me). we loaded (and i do mean "loaded") up the pathfinder with all my work-related stuff and had time to drop it off at home before heading to dan & heidi’s new house for dinner. 


saturday night was a fun and relaxing night with our good friends and they’re 21-month old daughter, savannah. i didn’t take any photos that evening, but we had a great time visiting with our friends, seeing their new home (my eyes turned BRIGHT green – with envy/jealousy) and just hanging out. 


last night, i started to go through the boxes from my office… mikkel packed up EVERYTHING (stapler, post it note pads, scissors, address labels, etc.) so i had a LOT to wade through. i have one entire box of stuff to go to "headquarters" so it can get shredded or burned. and another two (smaller boxes) of stuff to go to that same office b/c no one here needs it (empty binders). additionally, i have a HUGE box of paperwork and catalogs to RECYCLE. yep. all-in-all, i think about 4 boxes would have remained in my old office had i done the packing. but i’m not complaining. i’m VERY THANKFUL to mikkel for her willingness to go through everything and pack it up. it felt very liberating, however, to recycle/throw away YEARS worth of paperwork (some stuff i’ve had since my very first day on the job with my former employer, back on july 6, 1999)! i sneezed a lot last night, but i made some great progress.


this morning we had play group and then b/c we were only a block away, we visited with grandpa, grandma and uncle tom afterwards. now we’re home and i’m working on the laundry. i’m also pulling out his 3-6 month clothing to make sure it’s all washed and ready for him, because it won’t be long before he’s wearing it!


davey received a HALLOWEEN package (or a "harvest" package) from his Nana today. some CUTE clothing in there for my little boy! a "daddy’s little monster" outfit for this halloween. a "property of mommy" outfit (size 3-6 months) and two cute polo onesies (size 18 months). LOVE the clothing, nana! he’ll wear them all LOTS!


okay. i think you’ve now read enough of an update for today. hopefully i’ll be better at posting this week (we plan to stick around home most of the week to try to "get things in order" here)! 

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  1. Congrats on 7 hours of sleep! The big question is, though, were you able to STAY asleep, or is your body so trained to short stretches that you kept waking up?! I know it took me awhile to get untracked from that! I can’t get over how much Davey has changed in the last month – holy cow! What a cute little popper. I can tell by the look on Davey’s face in his picture with Grandpa that Grandpa’s hair isn’t nearly as entertaining as Daddy’s. :) Have a great week.

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