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 thursday: october 11


HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY to Rachel, my sister-in-law!


we celebrated her birthday this past weekend, but today is her *special* day! we love you!


returning to work at the store on tuesday was so much fun! it was kind of a madhouse there all day – lots and lots of people and questions and projects and information. i was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day (even had to have dave put davey to bed b/c i didn’t feel i had enough strength to physically put him into his crib!) but it was a good kind of exhausted. my first class of the day went well (8 "students") and then i worked on my cards for class on the 23rd, started an idea for my project to teach at the 27-hour crop, and picked up a store project! i didn’t leave the store all day (other than to run to my car for a balance bar for dinner) and i never even pulled out my personal scrapbooking stuff to play with… THAT’s how crazy it was at the store. but like i said, it was a good kind of crazy.


it was hard to be away from davey all day. dave and i had some lack-of-communication, so i wound up going to grandpa & grandma’s house to get davey and the "report" of his day. apparently, he was the perfect baby. yep. i said perfect. he ate well. slept well. played well. pooped well. smiled and talked and cooed for grandpa & grandma…. they LOVED having him for the day. i’m glad it went well, b/c that means they’ll be up for doing it again on the 23rd (when i teach again)!


right now, davey and i are trying to find a routine that works for us. yesterday we stuck close to home and we’ll do the same again today. tomorrow i have an eye doctor’s appointment (first one in YEARS) because i have only one pair of disposable contact lenses left (i tend to make a 6-month supply last for a few years – it’s like magic)! i made this appointment back in may when i was pregnant with davey – apparently your vision can change when you are pregnant, so they like to wait to check your vision at least 6 weeks after you’ve given birth. but all that to say, we’ll be in bellingham tomorrow, so we’ll be out and about, running some errands and stopping at the store (to drop off some projects), so i think two days in a row at home will be okay since i know we’ll be running around tomorrow.


thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers on tuesday while davey and i were apart. God heard them and answered them all. i return to work at my "regular" job on monday the 22nd. thankfully, that job will be up to about 10 hours a week and 99% of that can (and will) be done from home. whew!  :)


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