another 8 hours

 wednesday: october 24th


davey slept for 8 hours again last night. he did this once before, about a week or two ago. he pretty regularly will do a 6-7 hour stretch, but 8 hours? it was nice. SOOOOO nice! hopefully this will continue (though i’m not holding my breath)!


while davey played with grandma yesterday (and pooped out of his diaper and spit up everywhere – sorry grandma!), i taught two card classes at the store, picked up goodies for TWO store sample projects AND got to PLAY a little bit. i made two layouts AND started a mini book (and i went to the mall and costco to return a bunch of stuff we didn’t need). so i had a productive and FUN day. i don’t have any reports to write for work today, so i’m hoping in-between laundry i’ll be able to work on my store samples a bit. i have to tell you that it felt SO GOOD to play with paper and adhesive and photos again yesterday. projects just for myself. LOVED it!


and as i wandered around the store, i gained some new ideas for home decorating projects. we have this awesome new product that we simply call "vinyl" (though we have a cool title for it – "Decorate Your Life") and i’m working hard to think about a cool vinyl phrase to hang above davey’s crib. and on a sign outside of our front door. and maybe one for in our stairway. and…… yeah. it’s addicting!


sorry for the lack of photos today… i just don’t have any new ones yet! hopefully we’ll do a 3-month photo shoot of davey this weekend (before he’s closer to 4 months than 3 months!) and between then and now, i’ll try to take some new photos for ya!


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