a good day

 Thursday: October 25


davey chillin’ in his boppy on wednesday evening (while i was cleaning the kitchen):



so yesterday turned out to be a pretty darn good day. i was able to start working on one of my store sample projects during part of davey’s morning naptime. and then i remembered that i was supposed to get the oil changed in the wrx… so i got davey all ready and loaded into the car. i got in. pulled out my keys and attempted to put the pathfinder key into the ignition. hmmmm… slight problem. and then i remembered that the REST of my keys were in the pathfinder… which dave had taken to work. sigh. so i called him and apologized and then davey and i went for a walk (there was a brief break in the rain!).


davey and i headed back inside after our walk and he was pretty chill… pretty sleepy, too. so we went upstairs to my craft area and he fell asleep while i worked on my store project. i moved him to his room so i could be a little noisier as worked and wouldn’t ya know it…. he slept for almost TWO HOURS IN A ROW. yep. first time he’s done a nap like that for mama! i was able to COMPLETE one project for the store and start another one. yippee! here’s a little peek: 



then uncle jeff came over for a visit (and fell asleep on our couch as he so often does), though hedid stay awake long enough to play with davey while dave & i ate dinner. after a short nap by uncle jeffy, we all enjoyed a fresh apple crisp. mmmmmm. (thanks again, rachel, for that recipe)! (check out davey’s smile in that first photo, he’s SOOOOOO happy!)



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